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Alcohol and drugs are not the problem - we help residents to identify the real issues, and solutions!

Recovery from addiction is not about the alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex or chocolate, it’s about identifying the issues that are causing an individual to want to use ‘something’ in the first instance. All our staff are professionals who have personal experience of addiction, and they understand the solutions.

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7th December 2023


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UK news

Drugs and alcohol workforce action plan 2023 to 2026

Sets out the key actions we will deliver over the next three years to address challenges experienced by the drugs and alcohol sector's workforce | Scottish Government, UK

New figures show smoking costs billions more than tobacco taxes as consultation on creating a smokefree generation closes

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) today publishes new figures showing the far-reaching impact smoking has on society on the day the consultation to create a smokefree generation closes. The charity says it demonstrates why action to make smoking history is needed and how this will benefit the whole of society | ASH, UK

Youth vaping: The impact of e-cigarette use in schools

As a government consultation on measures to tackle youth vaping comes to an end, BBC South East speaks to head teachers, teaching staff and students to find out the impact e-cigarettes are having in schools | BBC, UK

Free vapes on NHS will be offered to 60,000 smokers in Bristol region

Region's health chiefs successfully bid for £2.2million as part of government's world-first Swap to Stop campaign | Bristol Post, UK

Turning the Page, WithYou: Dave’s Story

WithYou volunteer Dave shares the story of his struggle with alcohol, and his journey to recovery | DDN, UK

‘Bridging the gap between drug services and sexual health services’ with Adrienne Hannah - podcast

In this episode Julie and Austin are joined by Adrienne Hannah as she reflects on her career as she retires from SDF. Over 11.5 years with SDF,  Adrienne's work has focused on educating drug services about sexual health and educating sexual health services about drug use. Alongside highlighting this work she shares her insight into current issues related to the HIV outbreak, children and young people, and gender and sexuality | Drugs Uncut, UK

Pregnancy and opioids with Jerry Cochran - podcast

In this episode Ben Scher talks to Professor Gerald (Jerry) Cochran about his article based on a randomized multisite pilot trial investigating the impact of Patient Navigation. Jerry begins by describing Patient Navigation, explaining how it works and how it can help people stay engaged in care. The research team explored whether this approach helps pregnant people to stay in contact with treatment services | SSA, UK

Via Harrow achieves micro-elimination of Hepatitis C 

We’re thrilled to announce that our Harrow service has successfully reached the impressive milestone of Hepatitis C micro-elimination! | Via, UK

92. Psilocybin for Gambling Addiction with Dr Rayyan Zafar - podcast

In the first of our LIVE Psilocybin Series, David Nutt speaks to Rayyan Zafar a final year PhD student at Imperial College London.  Rayyan discusses his interest of the connection between the mind and the brain and how it led to his research into using psychedelics to treat addiction | Drug Science, UK

Drug dealers are putting up QR codes near schools to sell cannabis

Black and gold stickers advertising ‘Get your delivery’ with a QR code and a picture of a cannabis leaf have been put up around various streets in Worcester | Metro, UK

Illegal vapes worth £2.7m found in Northampton warehouse

Northampton Magistrates' Court was told some of the products contained 10 times the amount of liquid allowed by law | BBC, UK

Wiltshire conservation group finds disposable vapes on riverbed

A conservation group has called finding disposable vapes on the riverbed "quite depressing" and is backing calls to ban them | BBC, UK



International news

San Francisco faces deadliest year for drug overdoses due to rise of fentanyl

Experts warn new and troubling trend is emerging: more victims are found to have consumed both fentanyl and methamphetamine | Guardian, UK

Minister for Health welcomes the passing of legislation banning sale of e-cigarettes to under 18s

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly is welcoming the completion of the Public Health (Tobacco Products and Nicotine Inhaling Products) Bill in both Houses of the Oireachtas. The Bill will now be sent to Uachtarán na hÉireann for signing | Department of Health, Ireland

WHO calls on countries to increase taxes on alcohol and sugary sweetened beverages

The World Health Organization (WHO) is releasing today new data that show a low global rate of taxes being applied to unhealthy products such as alcohol and sugary sweetened beverages (SSBs). The findings highlight that the majority of countries are not using taxes to incentivize healthier behaviours. To help support countries WHO is also releasing a technical manual on alcohol tax policy and administration | WHO, Switzerland

Could a monthly treatment prevent fentanyl overdoses? Scientists are working on it

Scientists have developed an antibody treatment that shows promise in blocking the potentially deadly effects of fentanyl for nearly a month, raising hopes for a new tool to combat overdoses | Medical Xpress, USA

Biden administration delays ban on menthol cigarettes until 2024

The Biden administration has once again delayed banning menthol cigarettes, infuriating officials ofpublic health groups who say the products are responsible for taking hundreds of thousands of American lives | NBC News, USA

China e-cigarette titan behind 'Elf Bar' floods the US with illegal vapes

A new breed of e-cigarette has addicted teenagers and confounded regulators worldwide by offering flavors like Blue Cotton Candy and Pink Lemonade in a cheap, disposable package | Reuters, USA

Survey highlights need for more education around risky alcohol and drug use

new survey commissioned by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation has revealed only 20 per cent of people who use alcohol and other drugs at risky levels1 believe their use is a problem | ADF, Australia

New graphic health warnings to be printed on vapes and cigarettes after anti-smoking laws pass

Australia’s tobacco industry will have one year to roll out “repulsive” new health warnings on cigarette and vape packets after the federal government’s historic anti-smoking laws officially passed on Thursday | West Australian, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

The tobacco lobby will not stop us phasing out cigarettes

I started smoking with school friends when I was just 14 years old. Thankfully, I managed to kick the habit by the time I turned 20, but I know how tempting it is to experiment as a young person | i news opinion, UK

Scotland will open the UK’s first safer drug consumption facility – Bristol should be next

Glasgow, where the UK’s drug death crisis is worst, has overcome opposition from Westminster to open a potentially life-saving overdose prevention centre. What does this mean for other cities wanting to tackle drug-related harms? | Bristol Cable, UK

A ‘mini guide’ to women and drugs

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) has published a collection of mini guides, which examine health and social responses to a range of drug problems in Europe. One of these focuses on women, who “present unique concerns that are sex- and gender-related, although many drug services remain male-oriented”. Here is a summary of the key points – from parity of treatment provision, to the need for trauma-informed services | SSA blog, UK

Establishing a Recovery Community Bedrock of Mutual Interest to Build a Future On

Structures of healing and circles of recovery support have long been built on shifting sands, necessitating deep foundations. We have had to dig to great depth for bedrock | Recovery Review blog, USA

Beyond the Drinker: Alcohol’s Hidden Costs

First thought — I’m not a fan of the language “impose on themselves.” That might be fair for most drinkers, but its placement of the problem in the drinker rather than an illness would not be fair to people with alcohol addiction (alcoholism) | Recovery Review blog, USA

What is needle spiking, and how can I protect myself?

We don’t have data on how often needle spiking happens, but we think it’s very rare. There have been only a few reports of needle spiking in Australia but none of them have been able to be confirmed | Conversation, Australia