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Daily news - 4th April 2022

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UK news

More than 1,200 died while homeless in the UK in 2021

Cuts to mental illness, addiction and housing services linked to 32% increase on previous year | Guardian, UK

Needle Exchange Surveillance Initiative (NESI)

Prevalence of blood-borne viruses and injecting risk behaviours among people who inject drugs attending injecting equipment provision services in Scotland, 2008 to 2020 | Public Health Scotland, UK

Alcohol and drugs workforce: mixed-methods research compendium

Health and Social Care Analysis have undertaken a programme of research to better understand the drug and alcohol workforce. This programme has entailed both synthesising existing datasets and generating new data, which has resulted in the production of the following series of documents... | Scottish Government, UK

Levelling up health by stamping out tobacco (PDF)

This paper demonstrates that smoking is the single biggest cause of health inequalities and is responsible for half of the difference in life expectancy between the richest and poorest in society. It is directly related to three of the 12 levelling up missions recently announced by the UK government in its Levelling Up White Paper, published February 2022.1 Significant action on smoking is essential if the Government’s ambition to add 5 years healthy life expectancy by 2035 is to be achieved | ALUK, UK

People in Scotland with severe alcoholism going 'under the radar'

Scottish Conservative MSP Jamie Greene raised the issue of Scotland's problem with alcohol | STV, UK

Food Standards Agency draws up list of food products containing cannabidiol

Move intended to ensure CBD products ‘are safe and what they say they are’, says FSA’s chief executive | Guardian, UK

‘I can change my life’: young people with parents in addiction speak out

We’re in East Dunbartonshire, about to speak to some teenagers about the impact of their parents’ addiction on their lives, and I’m nervous | The Ferret, UK

Alcoholic Drinks: Labelling

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, pursuant to the Answer of 3 March 2022 to Question 131213, on Alcoholic Drinks: Labelling, when the Government plans to begin the Alcohol Labelling consultation | They work for you, UK

Nitrous Oxide: Misuse

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what steps her Department has taken to help reduce the recreational use and abuse of nitrous oxide | They work for you, UK

Marlboro maker plots medical ‘cannabis inhaler’ with UK pharma firm

[Limited number of free articles per month] Philip Morris wants to develop 'cannabinoid products' following its purchase of Vectura | Telegraph, UK

DRNS Information Session: Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Wed, 27 April 2022, 13:00 – 14:15 BST. DRNS is hosting an online information session discussing psychedelic-assisted therapy within substance use treatment. The event will include a presentation on the subject by Dr James Hawkins and Dr Jake Hawthorn, as well as an opportunity Q&A | DRNS, UK

Addiction Journal, Current List - April 2022

This is a quick summary of the main discovery for each research paper we have published, organized issue by issue. Each key finding is below the article title, with a link to the abstract | SSA, UK

Addiction Journal - Book list

Addiction publishes new book lists five times per year. Here's the latest one | SSA, UK

Tory MP David Warburton, suspended over sex and drugs allegations, admitted to hospital with stress

[Limited number of free articles per month] MP for Somerset and Frome is being investigated by Parliament’s independent complaints and grievances scheme | Telegraph, UK

Six men jailed after 'major' South West drugs operation

Six men have been jailed after nearly 4kg (9lbs) of drugs were seized during a police operation | BBC, UK


International news

House votes to decriminalize marijuana, but Senate fate dim

Marijuana would be decriminalized at the federal level under legislation the House approved Friday as Democrats made the case for allowing states to set their own policies on pot | Independent, UK

Oregon’s bold drug decriminalisation sees some success – but use still rising

Experts say decriminalisation is not the problem – the new measure lacks a proper pathway to recovery amid the growing overdose crisis | Guardian, UK

How fentanyl flooded the US – and sent opioid deaths soaring - podcast

During the coronavirus pandemic, drug overdose rates in America surged. In 2020, overdoses were up by 31% in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The death rate increased most dramatically among Black and Indigenous Americans – rising by 49% and 43% respectively in just one year | Guardian, UK

Secondhand bong smoke worse than that from tobacco, study finds

The fine particulate matter in cannabis smoke from bongs is at least four times greater and more dangerous, experts said | Guardian, UK

Smoking cessation aids and strategies: a population-based survey of former and current smokers in Norway

In Norway, tobacco consumption is equally divided between combustible (cigarettes) and non-combustible (snus) tobacco. In the process of quitting, people who smoke can choose between several smoking cessation aids and strategies based on what is available on the market or what are recommended as cessation aids | BMC Public health, UK

Surviving and Thriving: Lessons in Successful Advocacy from Drug User-Led Networks

This report showcases what local and regional drug user-led networks can do when they have adequate resources through accessible and sustainable donor funding | INPUD, UK

How do people who use drugs receiving Opioid Medication Therapy perceive their treatment ? A multicentre study

[Open access] The resurgence of heroin use and the misuse of pharmaceutical opioids are some of the reasons for a worldwide increase in opioid dependence. Opioid Medication Therapies (OMT) have amply demonstrated their efficacy. The aim of this study was to explore points of view of people who use drugs (PWUD) treated with OMT, in a large multicentre sample | Harm Reduction Journal, UK

Packets of drugs with Putin’s portrait on them wash up on Libyan beaches

Questions remain unanswered about the shipment’s origins, why it washed up on Libyan shores and how this incident came to be | Independent, UK

Taliban bans drug cultivation, including lucrative opium

The Taliban announced on Sunday a ban on the cultivation of narcotics in Afghanistan, the world's biggest opium producer | Reuters, USA

Smoke signals: US House votes to decriminalize cannabis

US lawmakers backed the decriminalization of marijuana nationwide in a vote Friday that will eliminate punishments for providing or possessing the drug if is signed into law by President Joe Biden | Medical Xpress, USA

Longitudinal Analysis of Substance Use Disorder Symptom Severity at Age 18 Years and Substance Use Disorder in Adulthood

In this national multicohort study of 5317 individuals followed from ages 18 to 50 years, the majority of adolescents with the most severe SUD symptoms had 2 or more SUD symptoms in adulthood. Most adults using prescribed opioids, sedatives, or tranquilizers had multiple SUD symptoms during adolescence | JAMA Network Open, USA

Alcohol Consumption Changes the Aging Clock

Does alcohol drinking make you age faster? The answer is not so straightforward, based on a recently published study by researchers at Yale School of Medicine | Yale School of Medicine, USA

AI Is Being Used to “Map” Psychedelic Trips in the Brain

Between the bright colors, shimmering textures and other sensory phenomena that come with taking psychedelics, it’s not always easy to put the experiences into words. But on the physical side of things, researchers can point to how the drugs interact with various neurotransmitters in the brain to provide a scientific glimpse into the process | Filter Magazine, USA

Researchers Expose the Pitiful Quality of Highly Cited Vaping Studies

Research on the safety and efficacy of vaping has been hotly contested for over a decade. The two sides are neatly drawn. Pro-vapers routinely cite researchers who report that vaping is vastly safer than smoking and helps people quit. The anti-vapers cite research that disputes those results | Filter Magazine, USA



Blogs, comment and opinion

Douglas Stuart on Shuggie Bain and his tough start: ‘Living with an alcoholic, there wasn’t much I didn’t see’

After his debut about a gay boy in 80s Glasgow, comes another tale drawing on his childhood. Could his glittering fashion career ever have kept the Booker-winner from his roots? | Guardian, UK

The death penalty: Never justifiable, never acceptable

The Global Commission on Drug Policy strongly believes the death penalty is not the appropriate response to any offence, including those related to drugs | Al Jazeera opinion, Qatar

A Plan to Address Racism in Addiction Science

Racism is rampant in the US with effects that are pervasive and wide-ranging, including in the areas of science and health | NIDA blog, USA

Towards More Compassionate Care for Not Just Another Medical Disorder

If effectively addressing addiction was easy and straightforward, we would have done so already. In reality, it is a multifaceted condition that defies narrow solutions | Recovery Review blog, USA



And finally...

Spider monkeys seek out fruit with alcohol, finds research into human love of drinking

A new study posits that our ancestors’ search for high-calorie foods could be responsible for our taste for alcohol | Independent Premium, UK