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Daily news - 11th April 2022

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UK news

No new licence applications for e-cigarettes since UK medicines regulator changed its guidance

The Medicines and Healthcare products Agency said that while there has been "much interest from companies who wish to achieve regulatory approval", no new licence applications for e-cigarettes have been submitted | Pharmaceutical Journal, UK

Ex-drug user who nearly died of overdose in a cemetery to give police life-saving advice

A former drug user who nearly died after an overdose in a cemetery is now offering insight to front-line police officers on a lifesaving treatment | Yorkshire Post, UK

Forward Leeds launches campaign to raise awareness of cannabis use in the city

Forward Leeds is running a campaign to raise awareness of the increasing strength of cannabis and the issues around heavy use of the drug in the city | Yorkshire Evening Post, UK

22/24 Application Development Award (ADA): Adult drug screening and brief interventions in key health, social care and justice settings

Closes: 13:00 on 16 August 2022. The Public Health Research (PHR) Programme is accepting direct-to-Stage 2 applications to this funding opportunity for scoping work to develop research proposals for evaluations of adult drug screening and brief and extended brief interventions in key health, social care and justice settings | NIHR, UK

Treatment with psilocybin for PTSD - survey

One of my Masters' students at the University of Hertfordshire is researching possible interest of those with PTSD in using psilocybin in its treatment. Would you be able to share this link with your clients and networks, please? A suggested form of words is as follows: Do you or anyone you know suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? If so, have you/they heard about the use of psilocybin, an active ingredient of certain ‘magic mushrooms’, in treating PTSD? We are investigating whether PTSD sufferers have heard of this treatment and would be interested in trying it if it were available. We would welcome your participation in this short survey, or sharing this link with those you think might be interested | University of Hertfordshire, UK

Welcome to the LGBTQ+ Substance use & Treatment Experiences Survey!

We would like to invite you to take part in a research study being conducted by a team of researchers from the University of South Wales in collaboration with Gwent Drug, Alcohol Services (GDAS). Before you decide, you need to understand why the research is being conducted and what it would involve for you as a participant | University of South Wales, UK

Van driver on cannabis killed apprentice in Bedfordshire crash

A van driver who was more than twice the limit for cannabis when he crashed and killed his teenage apprentice has been jailed for nine years | BBC, UK



International news

Support. Don’t Punish. Initiatives programme

Are you part of a collective, network or organisation advocating for drug policies that prioritise health and human rights? Are you planning to join the 2022 Support. Don’t Punish Global Day of Action and want to accelerate momentum with impactful activities? If your answer is “yes” then this call for applications might be for you! | Support. Don't Punish, UK

Harm Reduction International Launches 2021 Annual Report

2021 marked our 25th year as an organisation. We have grown from a small group in Liverpool showing international visitors a bold harm reduction approach, to a global leader in analysis, advocacy and convening the sector. There have been great strides in the recognition of the role of health and human rights in the response to drugs. We are proud to be part of a dynamic, intersectional movement and proud to follow on from the work started by the courageous harm reductionists before us | HRI, UK

Treatment for opioid addiction often brings discrimination

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Danielle Russell was in the emergency department at an Arizona hospital last fall, sick with COVID-19, when she made the mistake of answering completely when she was asked what medications she was on | Mail Online, UK

Seth Rogen on his pot business: ‘most people can incorporate weed into their lives’

Seth Rogen and his partner discuss their company, Houseplant, which sells cannabis and accessories | Guardian, UK

EU rules dampen Danish government plan to ban future cigarette sales

A government proposal to curtail future cigarette sales by permanently banning anyone born after 2010 from buying them looks unlikely to be passed into law due to EU rules | The Local, Denmark

Associations between classic psychedelics and opioid use disorder in a nationally-representative U.S. adult sample

Opioid use disorder (OUD) is a major source of morbidity and mortality in the U.S. and there is a pressing need to identify additional treatments for the disorder. Classic psychedelics (psilocybin, peyote, mescaline, LSD) have been linked to the alleviation of various substance use disorders and may hold promise as potential treatments for OUD. The aim of this study was to assess whether the aforementioned classic psychedelic substances conferred lowered odds of OUD | Nature, USA

Evidence Mounts That Cigarette Sales Surge After Vape Bans

State-level vaping bans are associated with increases in cigarette sales, according to new research. The study, published in the scientific journal Value in Health, adds to a growing body of evidence that prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes has potentially driven more and more people away from safer nicotine alternatives and back to smoking | Filter Magazine, USA

NY Activists Rally to Defend SCS, Decriminalize Buprenorphine

On April 7, activists rallied across New York state to demand that politicians take straightforward steps toward ending the overdose crisis | Filter Magazine, USA

Taliban Announces Cruel Poppy Ban During Afghan Harvest Season

What’s that time-worn saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Drug prohibition is the essence of this | Filter Magazine, USA

Efforts to prioritize Vancouver drug users for vaccines generally successful: study

Public-health efforts to prioritize the vaccination of drug users in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside were generally successful, a new study finds, though the at-risk group still lagged behind the rates of the general B.C. population | Globe and Mail, Canada

Cannabis cafes? B.C. seeks feedback on loosening pot rules

Should British Columbians be able to buy cannabis at a concert or festival? How about at a cafe or spa? | Global News, Canada


Blogs, comment and opinion

Cannabis prescriptions for pain relief on the NHS? It’s about time

Britain may lead the world on a lot of issues, but not on having a sensible evidence-led drugs policy. That may be about to change | Independent voices, UK

Don’t Believe a Word the FSA Says About CBD

It’s reported in The Times and the Daily Mail today that many CBD products must be withdrawn from sale because of ‘safety concerns’. This follows a week of slavish repetition in the media of the FSA’s line that its publication of a list of 3,500 products that ‘might’ be authorised in the future is a “milestone” for the industry | Peter Reynolds blog, UK

Can you make friends without alcohol? It took me a year to say yes

I had not factored in my social life when I decided to stop drinking – and it required unpacking my approach to friendship | Guardian, UK

Prayers for the Stolen – extraordinary tale of fear and friendship in Mexican drug country

Tatiana Huezo’s haunting film captures the desperate lives of a remote rural community at the mercy of marauding cartels | Guardian, UK

Spanning the Chasm Between Us

“I don’t even agree with myself 100% of the time” – me. It is a tongue in cheek self-quote. Cheap, but true and relevant to the piece. Perhaps you may even identify with it. Afterall, we all hold views that seem contrary or in conflict with each other. It is the essence of the human condition. What we understand evolves over time in a lifelong process | Recovery Review Blog, USA

The very real risks of opioid dependence in Australia

Opioid use is at an all-time high with 3 million people using opioids across Australia and 1.9 million estimated to initiate opioids every year2 – 50,000 of whom will cross the line from initiating opioids into persistent users in a single year | Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association, Australia


And finally...

A little too fond of your favourite tipple? Blame it on your ‘drunken monkey’ ancestors

[Limited number of free articles per month] Proclivity of humans to consume alcohol stems from fruit-eating primates gorging on naturally-occurring ethanol, study finds | Telegraph, UK