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Daily news - 2nd August 2022

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UK news

Assessing the feasibility of using place-based health information in alcohol licensing: case studies from seven local authorities in England

As in most other countries, England has no explicit alcohol licensing objective around health, so objections to applications tend to focus on the traditional concerns of crime and public disorder. We examined the practicalities of using health-related information in local licensing decisions and the prospects for a dedicated health-associated licensing objective | Cities and Health, UK

Hundreds of vapes confiscated in Scottish schools

A number of councils in Scotland have seen a significant rise in pupils vaping in high schools, according to reports | Herald, UK

Guernsey ban on smoking product branding

The States of Guernsey has banned the use of branding on cigarette and loose tobacco packaging | BBC, UK

Driving under Influence: Cannabis

To ask Her Majesty's Government what steps they have taken to publicise the illegality of driving under the influence of cannabis; and what evidence is available of the effectiveness of this messaging | They work for you, UK

Smokefree London

Can you provide an update on the progress of City Hall’s work with partners on making our city smokefree ahead of the national target of 2030? | They work for you, UK

TV tonight: a reality TV star confronts her turbulent relationship with alcohol

A sobering documentary in which Vicky Pattison talks about the addiction she shares with her father | Guardian, UK

Women of Substance: An art project in memory of Gill Bradbury

On 4 October 2020 our friend and colleague Gill Bradbury died unexpectedly while on holiday in Crete. Gill had been part of the work HIT does for years; she was a trainer, nurse, conference speaker and friend. We have access to some of Gill’s photography, but we want to exhibit it in a way that truly honours Gill’s idea of celebrating women in harm reduction. We are asking people to submit images they’ve taken that showcase ‘Women of Substance’ – those women who, day to day, do the important work of harm reduction around the globe | HIT, UK

Current List - August 2022

This is a quick summary of the main discovery for each research paper in the journal, Addiction | SSA, UK


International news

Policies and interventions to reduce harmful gambling: an international Delphi consensus and implementation rating study

There is increasing public health concern about harmful gambling, but no consensus on effective policies and interventions to reduce risk and prevent harm has been reached. Focusing on policies and interventions (ie, measures), the aim of this study was to determine if expert consensus could be reached on measures perceived to be effective that could be implemented successfully | Lancet, UK

The Rise of Casual Shrooms

Once the reserve of hippies and those going on “journeys”, magic mushrooms have evolved into another casual party drug alongside booze or MDMA | VICE, UK

US bill to expand medical cannabis research

The new legislation will encourage research on cannabis by removing some of the current barriers | Cannabis Health News, UK

Comparative harms assessments for cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco: Risk for psychosis, cognitive impairment, and traffic accident

Researchers have associated cannabis use with risk for psychosis, cognitive impairment, and traffic accident. However, this review shows that the association between moderate cannabis use and psychosis is no stronger, and often considerably weaker, than the corresponding association for moderate tobacco use. The same holds for associations with cognitive impairment | Drug Science, Policy and Law, UK

‘$15 pint’: biggest tax hike in 30 years paints sobering future for Australia’s beer drinkers

Tax office has raised excise by 4%, leaving Australians with the world’s fourth-highest beer tax behind Norway, Japan and Finland | Guardian, UK

Researchers find quicker way to treat hospitalized patients with substance use disorder

Overdose deaths involving opioids continue to be a major public health crisis, killing 1,280 people in Baltimore City in 2020, according to the Maryland Department of Health. Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers have developed a new way to treat patients with substance use disorders intravenously by administering small doses of buprenorphine, a prescription drug used to treat opioid use disorder | Medical Xpress, USA

Research captures unfolding cardiovascular toll from meth use

A massive new study spotlights the toll methamphetamine use may take on heart health, suggesting men, people with kidney disease and those with high blood pressure are especially at risk | Medical Xpress, USA

Changes in Smoking Cessation–Related Behaviors Among US Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This cross-sectional study among 788 008 US adult smokers found that the annual prevalence of past-year quit attempts decreased for the first time since 2011, from 65.2% in 2019 to 63.2% in 2020. Simultaneously, observed sales of nicotine replacement therapy brands from representative retail scanner data across 31 US states decreased by 1% to 13% compared with expected sales | JAMA Network Open, USA

Bronx Cannabis Hub Fosters Opportunity in Communities Hit Hard by Arrests

On July 24, New York City advocates launched the Bronx Cannabis Hub, a community center to help local residents and others learn about opportunities in the new cannabis industry | Filter Magazine, USA

Exclusive: For the First Time, Harm Reduction Gets a Naloxone of Its Own

In late April 2021, a manufacturing disruption brought Pfizer’s naloxone production to a standstill, leaving more than half the country’s harm reduction programs without access as overdose reached an all-time high. Now, a new naloxone product is being manufactured for harm reduction programs exclusively | Filter Magazine, USA

International Overdose Awareness Day: 31st August

The world’s annual campaign to end overdose, remember without stigma those who have died, and acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind | Penington Institute, Australia

WA researchers look at how state laws can be used to stop influencers promoting vaping on social media

West Australian researchers are hoping laws can be put in place to "shield" teenagers from social media influencers who promote vaping on their platforms, amid growing fears about young people taking up e-cigarettes | abc.net.au, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Harry’s blog 114: The Big Tobacco Control playbook

Huge disruption has been caused by the evidence that non-combustible vaping and heated tobacco products and Swedish-style snus can have a game-changing impact on reducing death and disease from smoking. The advent of these products has disrupted industry thinking while governments have been trying to play catch-up with often knee-jerk and harmful revisions to tobacco control policies. But the disruption has been most keenly felt within the global public health community | NSP blog, UK

I’m seeing more and more patients with lockdown drinking habits they can’t shake off

What might not seem like a problem today may become a very serious issue in the not too distant future | i news opinion, UK

The MCAP Recap: Functional or Failure?

With a review into the programme pending, how much has really changed for Irish cannabis users? | Volteface, UK