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Daily news - 22nd February 2022

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UK news

Alcohol sales and harm in Scotland during the COVID-19 pandemic

Public Health Scotland (PHS) has published an analysis of the latest available data on alcohol sales and harms in Scotland during the COVID-19 pandemic. This provides a picture of how the pandemic and its related restrictions may have impacted on alcohol sales, alcohol-related hospital stays and alcohol-specific deaths | Public Health Scotland, UK

Covid in Scotland: Alcohol deaths increased during pandemic

Deaths in Scotland wholly linked to alcohol increased during the pandemic, despite consumption decreasing in general, new figures have shown | BBC, UK

MUP’s impact on alcohol consumption and behaviour of homeless and street drinkers

Findings show that the experience and understanding of MUP varied among this group. For some MUP worked as intended and discouraged from drinking, others however were unaffected, some switched drinks, and a minority experienced unintended consequences such as exacerbating a tendency to beg or steal to obtain alcohol | Public Health Scotland, UK

Electronic Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation: Cochrane Living Systematic Review

Plain language briefing and Briefing for healthcare professionals and policy makers both updated - February 2022 | CEBM, UK

NHS launches new gambling addiction clinics to meet record demand

Two new gambling clinics will open in England this year, the NHS announced as it faces record demand for specialist support for gambling addiction | NHS, UK

Can magic mushrooms become a legitimate treatment for mental health illnesses?

Magic Mushrooms have been restricted as a Class A drug in the UK since 1971, but with new research into the use of the drug to treat mental health problems - could this change? | ITV, UK

Facebook donation blow for animal charity over alcohol

A dog rescue charity complains it has lost about £15,000 in donations after Facebook put restrictions on its account | BBC, UK

Mobile Harm Reduction Service back on the road!

Starting next week, our Mobile Harm Reduction Service is back on the move as we take the service to two locations in South Bristol | BDP, UK

Why community matters this LGBTQ+ History Month

Lacey explains why he set up a dedicated LGBTQ+ recovery group at The Forward Trust | The Forward Trust, UK

Cranstoun launches new strategy and refreshed brand

Cranstoun has launched a new five-year strategy, website and brand that underpin its commitment to empowering people and empowering change across its service areas: substance use, domestic abuse, criminal justice, housing and young people | Cranstoun, UK

Invitation to Membership of the Recovery Connectors Group

“A LERO is an organisation of lived experience committed to recovery with a focus on autonomy” The aim is to develop a Recovery Strategy that is signed up to by key leadership figures and organisations for (addiction) recovery in the UK. The focus will be on Lived Experience Recovery Organisations (LEROs), that has the idea of active citizenship at its core | Lived Experience Recovery Organisation (LERO) Connectors group, UK

Eliminating Viral Hepatitis in Scotland

02-03-2022 9:15 am. Trainign via Zoom. To increase workers', volunteers', and community members' understanding and knowledge of key issues related to Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, focussing on prevention, removing barriers to treatment and reducing stigma | SDF, UK

Alcohol management in Deep End practices

Wed, 9 March 2022, 11:00 – 12:00 GMT. University of Stirling, University of Dundee and SHAAP report launch: Alcohol management in Deep End practices | SHAAP, UK

Police mistakes 99-year old-Liverpool great great grandmother's house for drug den

Police targeted the home of a vulnerable 99-year-old great great grandmother after ‘intelligence’ led them to fear she was living in a cannabis den | ITV, UK



International news

Personal experience and awareness of opioid overdose occurrence among peers and willingness to administer naloxone in South Africa: findings from a three‑city pilot survey of homeless people who use drugs (PDF)

[Open access] The objective of this study was to describe the experiences of overdose, knowledge of responses to overdose events, and willingness to call emergency medical services in response to overdose among people who use drugs in Cape Town, Durban, and Pretoria (South Africa) | Harm Reduction Journal, UK

Study Visit Scholarships – new opportunities

We have secured funding to enable four or more researchers to spend a week working with an established alcohol research team to enable them to develop paper or research ideas, funding applications or to gain specific skills or insight. The visit must be aligned to one of AcoRN’S four policy themes; Availability, Price, Marketing or Politics | AcoRN, Ireland

Launch of new general population survey in Georgia

Today marks the launch of a new general population survey (GPS) in Georgia, under the EMCDDA4Georgia bilateral technical cooperation project. The survey is in line with one of the overall goals of the project: to increase the availability of national drug-related data and statistics in the health field | EMCDDA, Portugal

Uproar Over ‘Crack Pipes’ Puts Biden Drug Strategy at Risk

[Limited number of free articles per week] President Biden has made “harm reduction” a central pillar of his plan to fight a record number of drug-related deaths, but a conservative backlash is threatening the effort | NY Times, USA

Study: Personal genetic risk motivates positive changes in health behavior [Finland]

A new study from the University of Helsinki shows that information about personal genetic risk for cardiovascular disease motivates individuals to take better care of their health. This is the first comprehensive study assessing the impact of overall disease risk information based on both genetic and traditional health factors on lifestyle | Medical Xpress, USA

Study finds vaping has long-term effect on the heart for adolescent males but not females

A new study by researchers at The Ohio State University College of Medicine gives insight into what happens to the cardiovascular system of adolescents when they vape | Medical Xpress, USA

Operation Black Tide: The Voyage of a Drug Sub Across the Atlantic

When authorities in Spain captured the first known drug submarine to cross the Atlantic, questions soon surfaced about how such a journey could be possible | Insight Crime, USA

Infrequent detection of unintentional fentanyl use via urinalysis among people who regularly inject opioids in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

[Open access] The current phase of the North Americanopioid crisisis characterised by illicit fentanyl use; however, the presence of illicit fentanyl in Australia is unknown. This study aimed to monitor unintentional fentanyl consumption in Australia | Addiction, Australia

New report shows drug approach continuing to cause harm

A new report released by the NZ Drug Foundation today shows that too many people are suffering harm and our drug laws are often compounding the problem, not reducing it | NZDF, New Zealand

Terrifying vaping death prompts warnings of more to come

An autopsy has deemed vaping was the likely cause of death of 71-year old Queensland man Peter Hansen, prompting dire warnings of more deaths to come | NZ Herald, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Dry January 2022: Did it match the heights of 2021?

In a series of blogs over the course of 2022 Dr Richard, Piper, CEO Alcohol Change UK, is going to be exploring what Dry January is and isn’t, how it works, and bringing you insights and stories, including about its successes and weaknesses. In this first blog he's going to reveal for the first time the level of participation in Dry January 2022 | Alcohol Change UK blog, UK

What is HPPD?

HPPD stands for Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder. It’s an under-researched, DSM-5-listed condition in which people experience distressing changes to their perception and wider experience after using psychedelics, and once the drugs have worn off. Note, perceptual changes per se are not necessarily distressing | Drugs and me blog, UK