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Daily news - 23rd February 2022

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UK news

National drug and alcohol treatment waiting times: 1 July 2021 to 30 September 2021

Of the 7,818 referrals to community-based specialist drug and alcohol treatment services completed in this quarter, 93% involved a wait of three weeks or less | Public Health Scotland, UK

National drug and alcohol treatment waiting times: 1 April 2021 to 30 June 2021

Of the 8,314 referrals to community-based specialist drug and alcohol treatment services completed in this quarter, 96% involved a wait of three weeks or less | Public Health Scotland, UK

Drink Driving

Questions to the Mayor of London: Are you supportive of Government proposals in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021 that will: increase the maximum penalty for causing death by dangerous driving... | They work for you, UK

Oral Tobacco

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, if he will direct the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities’ next annual review of vaping and tobacco harm reduction in England to focus on the potential role of tobacco-free oral nicotine pouches in helping smokers to quit | They work for you, UK

Online subscription scams costing UK victims millions

On Facebook, she saw what she thought was a MailOnline article featuring Brand talking about the benefit of CBD gummies - a jellied sweet containing cannabidiol, found in cannabis, which some users say helps aches and pains | BBC, UK

Changing Lives: Recovery Talks - podcast

People who have been in recovery for multiple years often get asked "why do you still do it?" In this episode, Iain speaks to guest Peter who has been in recovery for over 40 years. He explores what it has been like, how it has grown, and why he is still committed to it after all these years | Changing Lives, UK

Medical cannabis company buys video GP service to issue prescriptions in 90 minutes

Medicinal cannabis company Kanabo has bought online private doctors’ consultation network The GP Service in a £14 million deal | Evening Standard, UK

Alcoholic Drinks: Excise Duties

To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, what steps he plans to take to support the Scotch whisky industry through proposals to reform alcohol taxation | They work for you, UK

Forward Leeds drive to increase liver testing

Forward Leeds is encouraging the people who attend their service to test the health of their liver using new high-tech machines | Forward Trust, UK

Homelessness set to soar in England amid cost of living crisis

Rise in number of sofa surfers expected to drive the increase as councils warn of ‘tidal wave’ of need | Guardian, UK

The ‘archaic’ Vagrancy Act is officially being scrapped after 200 years

The government submitted an amendment to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill on Monday that will spell the end for the “offensive and outdated” law | Big Issue, UK

Barriers to Support for People Experiencing Problem Substance Use and Homelessness

Thu, Feb 24, 2022 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM GMT. The second webinar will explore the barriers to accessing support for people who are experiencing both problem substance use and homelessness. Drawing on evidence gathered from a range of primary research and systematic reviews, interventions to address these barriers will be discussed | ISSUP, UK

Jack Ritchie inquest: Parents hope for gambling laws change

The parents of a 24-year-old gambling addict hope an inquest into his death will speed up changes in betting laws | BBC, UK

Belfast Harbour: Police find £1m more drugs hidden in seized lorry

Police have discovered an additional £1.2m worth of drugs hidden in a lorry stopped at Belfast Harbour earlier this month | BBC, UK

Brook House: Officers 'smuggled drugs to detainees', inquiry hears

Custody officers at an immigration removal centre smuggled in drugs for detainees to sell, an inquiry heard | BBC, UK

Stansted: Man admits smuggling cocaine in duck ornament

A man who tried to smuggle cocaine inside a duck ornament flown in from South America has admitted the offence | BBC, UK



International news

GFN  Fives 

We are delighted to be offering everyone the opportunity to present again this year, through the GFN Fives. Our innovative replacement for conference posters, GFN Fives are open to all and free to submit. In no more than five minutes, present a slideshow with a recorded voiceover, create an animation or use your smartphone or webcam to record a video. Share your nicotine-related news, views or research, interview someone interesting or tell us about your consumer advocacy work | GFN, UK

COVID-19 vaccine acceptability among people in Australia who inject drugs: Update from the 2021 Illicit Drug Reporting System interviews

People who inject drugs may be at higher risk of COVID-19 transmission and more severe negative health outcomes following COVID-19 infection. Early research on hypothetical COVID-19 vaccines suggests this population may be less likely to accept vaccination. This commentary extends this research by presenting vaccine intention data from Illicit Drug Reporting System interviews conducted in June–July 2021, in the early stages of vaccine rollout, with people in Australia who inject drugs | Addiction, UK

Global Burden of Disease Estimates of alcohol use and attributable burden in Ireland (PDF)

Alcohol places a significant health burden on Ireland. Understanding the extent of this burden is an important element in policy decisions around alcohol. Data from the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Study indicates that previous measures of alcohol related deaths and illnesses are underestimates and that 5% of all deaths in Ireland in 2019 are attributable to alcohol | Alcohol Action Ireland; UCC School of Public Health, Ireland

Estimated 2.6 million Americans prescribed opioids also on various other sedatives

As many as 2.6 million Americans—equivalent to 1 percent of all US adults —prescribed opioids are also taking various other sedatives, including benzodiazepines plus another type of sedative drug, estimates research published online in the journal Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine | Medical Xpress, USA

Evidence grows for vaping’s role in gum disease

Research confirms unique community of bacteria and immune responses among people who use e-cigarettes | EurekAlert, USA

Outcomes After Implementation of a Benzodiazepine-Sparing Alcohol Withdrawal Order Set in an Integrated Health Care System

In this quality improvement study of 22 899 hospitalizations among 16 323 adults diagnosed with alcohol withdrawal syndrome, order set implementation was associated with relative decreases in benzodiazepine exposure, intensive care unit use, and length of stay | JAMA Network open, USA

NIDA Wants to Fund Research Into Marijuana Legalization Models

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is renewing its push to promote federally funded research into marijuana as more states enact reform—specifically expressing interest in studies on differing cannabis regulatory models that are in place across the country | Filter Magazine, USA

Mexican Harm Reduction Project Monitors Fentanyl in Drug Supplies

In the United States, political discourse around Mexico and fentanyl typically scapegoats the country for producing drugs consumed north of the border. Yet Mexico itself suffers many fentanyl-involved deaths, as Filter has previously reported | Filter Magazine, USA

The Insights Psychedelics Give You Aren’t Always True

The study of false—sober—insights teaches us to be wary of accepting every realization from psychedelic trips without critical thinking | VICE, USA




Blogs, comment and opinion

Ketamine “shows promise” as an anti-suicidal ideation agent, but will this promise ever be realised?

Every year, around 700,000 people die by suicide worldwide (World Health Organisation, 2021). Many more make a suicide attempt, and even more struggle with ‘suicidal ideation’ – a broad term used to describe a range of contemplations, wishes, and preoccupations with death and suicide | Mental Elf blog, UK

An American Way of Working

In Methadone: An American Way of Dealing, work is everywhere. Dayton, Ohio, the film’s primary location, is introduced to us as a “manufacturing community” beset by crime | Points blog, USA

Man’s death from heavy smoking, not EVALI

The ABC reported tonight the death of a Queensland man which was attributed to EVALI caused by vaping. Having carefully studied the case and the post mortem report, I disagree. It is much more likely that the man died from advanced lung damage caused by 40 years of heavy smoking | Colin Mendelsohn blog, Australia