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Daily news - 25th January 2022

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UK news

The YouGov Big Survey on Drugs

YouGov has conducted an extensive study on drugs and drug use in the UK. The study investigates opinions, attitudes, and behaviours of Britons towards both prescription and recreational drugs | YouGov, UK

Reaching Out: Tobacco control and stop smoking services in local authorities in England, 2021

This report presents findings from the eighth annual ASH/CRUK survey of tobacco control leads in local authorities in England. It explores both the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and current efforts to reduce the inequalities that define the smoking epidemic in England | ASH, UK

UK cannabis campaigners urge Government to consider ‘sensible’ reforms as more countries legalise the drug

Drug policy experts said the government’s new drug strategy simply regurgitates a ‘tough on drugs’ rhetoric amid indications drug use is increasing, not decreasing | i news, UK

The growth of chromatography in analysing cannabis and cannabinoids

Dr Toby Astill, global market manager - Cannabis and Hemp Markets at PerkinElmer, talks about the growth of cannabis in the pharmaceutical industry and the importance of chromatography to this sector | European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, UK

SHAAP Managed Alcohol Programme (MAP) Webinar

Wed, 23 February 2022, 14:00 – 16:00 GMT. Managed Alcohol Programme (MAP) Knowledge Exchange Webinar with international colleagues | SHAAP, UK

Police seized 25% more cannabis in 2020 than 2019 as officers targeted people growing the drug during lockdown

Officers acted on neighbourhood tip-offs and intelligence by using drones fitted with state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology to detect unusually warm properties | i news, UK

Drink and drug driving: Rise in arrests over Christmas and new year

A 16-year-old was among 295 arrests for drink and drug driving offences over the festive period, police have said | BBC, UK

Zimbabwe's Brendan Taylor 'blackmailed to spot-fix matches after cocaine use'

Former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor says he was blackmailed into accepting a bribe to spot-fix international games but that he never went through with it | BBC, UK

Winsford dealer who ran drugs empire from his caravan jailed

Shane Preece, 43, was arrested after a raid at his home and caravan in Winsford, Cheshire in October 2020 | BBC, UK



International news

One in five new cases of HIV and hepatitis C in people who inject drugs due to unstable housing in US and UK, modelling shows

Unstable housing among people who inject drugs may be responsible for up to one in five new infections with HIV or hepatitis C in the United Kingdom and the United States, a global modelling study has found | NAM Aidsmap, UK

Drug Use and Harm Reduction - three week online course

Unpack the harm reduction approach, its connection to public health and human rights, and how it works at addressing drug use | LSHTM, INPUD, Médecins du Monde, UK and France

Two pioneering overdose prevention centers in New York are saving lives

The first of their kind in the US help stabilize people in crisis and get them connected with needed services | Guardian, UK

Who's winning the War on Drugs? - video

Mexico's cartels are thriving, and finding innovative ways to smuggle drugs across the border into the US, despite law enforcement and the pandemic | BBC, UK

The impact of COVID-19 on health care professionals who are exposed to drug-related deaths while supporting clients experiencing addiction

This paper explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health care professionals who support clients experiencing addiction. During the pandemic, addiction support became more challenging, as existing health care models had changed or been completely abolished. Clients continued to engage with social, justice, and health services in limited capacities, connecting with general practitioners, key workers, homelessness support workers, and other service providers | JSAT, Ireland

EMCDDA launches PLATO e-learning platform and virtual community of practice

On International Day of Education, we are pleased to announce the launch of PLATO, the EMCDDA’s new e-learning platform, following a successful six-month pilot phase in 2021. The first e-learning course of 2022 on the new platform kicks off this week (25 January) targeting prevention decision-makers in the substance use field | EMCDDA, Portugal

Alcohol Consumption Among Men Declined During Pandemic; Men and Women Report More Alcohol-Related Problems

Alcohol consumption during the coronavirus pandemic declined among men, while it remained steady among women, according to a new RAND Corporation study | RAND Corporation, USA

How can body weight affect the mortality risk of excessive drinkers?

While research has long shown a higher risk of death linked to alcoholism for people with overweight, a new study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence has found that people with underweight who drink excessively may be at an even higher risk of dying from heart disease, cancer and other causes | Penn State University, USA

Undiagnosed autistic traits common among youths with substance use disorders

One in five teens and young adults who seek treatment for alcohol or drug use may have traits characteristic of a previously unrecognized autism spectrum disorder (ASD), researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) report | Medical Xpress, USA

Opioid overdose antidote urged for schools after student's fentanyl death

Schools should stock the opioid overdose antidote naloxone and train staff and students how to respond to an overdose, experts say after the apparent fentanyl overdose death of seventh grader at a school in Hartford, Conn | Medical Xpress, USA

Opioid overdoses linked to child abuse at neighborhood level

The main message is that the child welfare system needs to work with professionals involved in dealing with the opioid crisis to address these interconnected social problems, according to Freisthler | Ohio State University, USA

"I think it's a good idea for the people that's young, the kids, but for someone like me it's a bad idea." - Interviews about a U.S. menthol cigarette ban with people who smoke menthol cigarettes

The US Food and Drug Administration recently announced its intention to pursue a federal ban on menthol cigarettes. This qualitative study assessed reactions to a potential menthol cigarette ban among people who smoke menthol cigarettes | NIH, USA

The Future of Psychedelic Medicine Will Be Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of

Scientists are designing new psychedelic-inspired drugs that don’t yet exist, which might have effects no one can yet describe | VICE, USA

Examining the opioid epidemic through the lens of crime data

A new study published this month by Penn State researchers using crime incident data found that opioid-related crime incident rates were positively associated with rates of opioid-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and overdose mortality | Penn State University, USA

DES Ministry’s eyes legalising e-cigarettes in bid to cut down on cigarette smokers

The Digital Economy and Society (DES) Ministry on Friday set up a working group to see if electronic cigarettes can be legalised as an alternative for smokers | The Nation, Thailand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Coast Guard Search and Rescue:  Lessons and Inspiration

I watched an informational video about search patterns used by the Coast Guard and gained some thoughts I decided to share.  The video was just under 30 minutes long and you can find it right here if you’re interested.  As you read this article, see what you notice from outside our field that could serve as hints to help improve our clinical work as addiction professionals | Recovery Review blog, UK