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Daily news - 4th July 2022

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UK news

Spiking: Government Response to the Committee’s Ninth Report of Session 2021–22

The Government is grateful to the committee for their consideration of this important issue. We are committed to developing a “victim-first” approach, and we are clear that spiking is an issue that can only be tackled through effective partnership working | Home Affairs Committee, UK

Douglas Ross calls for law change to give people a right to recovery

Douglas Ross insisted the legislation could be a 'game-changer' in tackling Scotland's drugs deaths | STV News, UK

Heartbroken parents' emotional plea for change to dated law with 'blood on its hands'

Former addicts, ex-policemen and grieving parents have formed an unlikely alliance to take on Government ministers they say are ignoring mounting evidence that the UK drugs policy needs to change | Mirror, UK

Is Scotland the New Cocaine Capital? | High Society - video

Scotland has the highest level of cocaine consumption on the planet according to 2018 data. Scots take on average 1.2 grams of cocaine per session - double the global average. And this epidemic is adding to one of the world’s deadliest drug crises, with a new trend of cocaine injection on the rise | VICE, UK

Hangover pill on sale in UK ‘to help drinkers wake up feeling their best’

Myrkl works by rapidly breaking down alcohol in gut when taken at least an hour before drinking | Independent, UK

Pub numbers fall to lowest on record

The number of pubs in England and Wales continues to fall, hitting its lowest level on record, according to new research | BBC, UK

22/79 Stop-smoking interventions for under-served groups - applications invited

How can effective and cost-effective interventions to support people to stop smoking be modified to improve engagement with and accessibility for under-served groups? How acceptable are these interventions to these groups? The Public Health Research Programme (PHR) is accepting Stage 1 applications to their commissioned workstream for this topic. Closes: 13:00 on 29 November 2022 | NIHR, UK



International news

Spanish police seize underwater drones designed to carry drugs

The vessels would have allowed traffickers to smuggle 200kg of drugs across strait of Gibraltar, police say | Guardian, UK

National Drug Treatment Reporting System 2015 – 2021 alcohol treatment data

In this bulletin, trends in treated problem alcohol use are described for the seven-year period from 2015 to 2021. The data are taken from the National Drug Treatment Reporting System (NDTRS), the national surveillance system that records and reports on cases of drug and alcohol treatment in Ireland | Health Research Board, Ireland

Mapping prevention systems in the European Neighbourhood Policy area: a baseline for future monitoring and responses (EU4MD briefing)

Between March and May 2021, the EU4Monitoring Drugs (EU4MD) project supported the mapping of national prevention systems in European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) area countries. This briefing describes the rationale and methodology of the prevention system mapping, presenting selected findings and highlighting key challenges encountered | EMCDDA, Portugal

Private rehabilitation clinic investigated for trading while insolvent

The owner of a collapsed Victorian private drug rehabilitation centre that owes more than $2 million to creditors sold assets and opened a new business with a similar name days before going into liquidation | The Age, Australia

Napier man set up growing room and cultivated specific cannabis 'home remedy' for pain relief

When orthodox medicine failed to alleviate an injured man's chronic pain he set up a high-tech growing room and developed a specific strain of cannabis to treat himself | New Zealand Herald, New Zealand



Blogs, comment and opinion

Ignoring Britain’s growing alcohol crisis is costing us – socially and financially

[Possible paywall] A decade has passed since an alcohol strategy was published by a Westminster government – a new plan is long overdue, writes Julie Bass | Independent Premium opinion, UK

Government unwilling to learn on drugs - Sue Webber

Like every doting grandmother, Pat loves looking after her grandson, but she doesn’t look after him for a few hours a day while mum and dad are at work, but cares for him full time because as long-term drug addicts his parents are simply incapable | Edinburgh Evening News opinion, UK

Contents unknown: what alcohol labels aren’t telling us

The Alcohol Health Alliance’s (AHA) latest report shines a light on just how much the alcohol industry is keeping consumers in the dark about what they are drinking | IAS blog, UK

Original Sins by Matt Rowland Hill review – electric account of heroin addiction

The author’s artfully constructed debut is a painfully comic and thrillingly immediate memoir about the torments of drug dependency | Guardian, UK