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Daily news - 11th July 2022

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UK news

Medicines associated with dependence or withdrawal symptoms: summary of NICE guideline

This article summarises the most recent recommendations from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guideline on medicines associated with dependence or withdrawal symptoms | BMJ, UK

Statistics on Women's Smoking Status at Time of Delivery: England, Quarter 4, 2021-22

This report presents statistics on women’s smoking status at time of delivery, at Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Clinical Commissioning Region, Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP), and national levels. This release includes data for quarter 4 of 2021-22 alongside finalised data for the 2021-22 financial year | NHS Digital, UK

Alcohol addiction within the South Asian community

That this House is concerned by the prevalence of alcohol addiction within the South Asian community; is alarmed by the fact that, according to the British Medical Journal, for every 100 white men dying from alcohol-related causes, there are 160 Asian men dying;... | UK Parliament, UK

UK medical cannabis model “inadequate” and “unsustainable” for patients

The UK Government has been accused of complacency as leading bodies call for more rights for medical cannabis patients | Cannabis Health News, UK

The Covid Hangover report launch - IAS

Tue, 26 July 2022, 11:00 – 12:00 BST. We present our new modelling study, looking at how pandemic drinking patterns could impact alcohol-related disease and death | IAS, UK

Alcohol, addiction and the brain with Dr Marc Lewis - podcast

In this episode we talk to Dr Marc Lewis,  a neuroscientist and former professor of developmental psychology. We explore what addiction is from a neuroscience perspective, including why Marc does not consider it a disease, despite changes to the brain. We discuss how addiction relates to habit, compulsion, and how these can be understood as functions of the brain and human behaviour | Alcohol Problem Podcast, UK

Police issue rogue drugs warning after man dies in West Yorkshire

Police are warning of a possible "rogue" batch of illegal drugs after a man died and two others were left seriously ill | BBC, UK

Two arrested after £1m cannabis haul discovery near Hawick

Two men have been arrested and charged following the discovery of a £1m cannabis haul in the Borders | BBC, UK


International news

A rapid assessment of take-home naloxone provision during COVID-19 in Europe

[Open access] In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.Services for people who use drugs had to quickly revise their operating procedures to rearrange service provision while adhering to lockdown requirements. Given the scarcity of literature published on overdose prevention during COVID-19 in Europe, we aimed to examine how these changes to service provision affected take-home naloxone (THN) programmes and naloxone availability across Europe | IJDP, UK

Implementation and sustainability of safe consumption sites: a qualitative systematic review and thematic synthesis

[Open access] Safe consumption sites (SCSs) implementation began in the 1980s, and today, there are at least 200 known SCSs operating in over twelve countries. While a growing literature supports their effectiveness as a harm reduction strategy, there is limited information on contextual factors that may support or hinder SCS implementation and sustainability. We aimed to fill this gap in knowledge by reviewing existing qualitative studies on SCSs | Harm Reduction Journal, UK

‘Disgusting’: calls to overhaul enforcement of e-cigarette regulations in Victoria

VicHealth says retail licensing scheme is needed as children as young as 10 become addicted | Guardian, UK

‘Wellness’ vapes are all the rage. But are they healthy or just hype?

These ‘nutritional supplement diffusers’ claim to fight ADHD or treat anxiety or depression, but experts remain wary of effects | Guardian, UK

Death of two Jesuit priests shines spotlight on growing threat in Mexico

Brazen murders highlight the risks the country’s priests face every day as they tend to their communities | Guardian, UK

Civil Society Monitoring | State & Challenges of Overdose Prevention - webinar

Jul 13, 2022 04:00 PM in Amsterdam. This webinar will present the C-EHRN Monitoring Data Report 2021 key findings in the field of Overdose Preention and discuss them with representatives from different European organizations and institutions | C-EHRN, The Netherlands

Can a new formulation of opiate agonist treatment alter stigma?: Place, time and things in the experience of extended-release buprenorphine depot

[Open access] Addiction-related stigma has implications for opiate agonist treatment (OAT) and the people who receive, provide and fund it. It is important to understand how stigma is made in OAT and the political purposes that it serves, in order to change the relations of stigma and avoid the reproduction of stigma in the delivery of new treatment formulations, such as extended release buprenorphine| IJDP, Australia

‘Extreme concern’: Tobacco firm uses loophole to target price-sensitive smokers

It looks like a cigarette, it's marketed like a cigarette, but Philip Morris NZ's new 'cigarillo' is about $3 cheaper for a pack – to the dismay of health experts | Newsroom, New Zealand

Zero alcohol purchase age: 50-year-old with daughter denied non-alcoholic beer

A 50-year-old man is "bemused" at being unable to buy zero-alcohol beer from an Auckland supermarket because he was with his 16-year-old daughter | NZ Herald, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Alcohol treatment services during and after lockdown: Building back better

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our relationship with alcohol, with 3 million more people drinking at increasing or higher risk. Deaths from alcohol have now reached record levels, and treatment services are in high demand. In this blog, we speak to Humankind and Turning Point about the drug and alcohol support they provided during the pandemic, the challenges they faced, and what we can learn going forward | AHA UK blog, UK

Addiction treatment mismatch: when what’s on offer isn’t always what’s wanted

“I never knew that rehab was available to guys like me”, he said to me just before he completed his rehab programme. He’d been in and out of` treatment for many years before he got to rehab. “Why did nobody tell me?” I was left struggling for an answer | Recovery Review blog, UK

Heroin in 1940s America: ‘the work of this era only served to heighten the division between good and bad drugs’

In The Urge, Carl Erik Fisher narrates the social history of addiction in the US, mixed in with his experiences as an addiction psychiatrist and as someone in recovery | SSA, UK

[Possible Paywall] With over seven million copies sold, Melody Beattie’s 1986 best seller, “Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself,” is considered a self-help classic and continues to sell well in a new 2022 edit | NY Times opinion, USA