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Daily news - 14th June 2022

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UK news

Karen Tyrell announced as Drinkaware’s new CEO

Karen Tyrell, will be joining Drinkaware as the new permanent CEO in early October. Karen brings over 20 years of experience across health and social care working with senior and executive teams.  She is currently working at the large national alcohol and drug treatment charity Humankind where she is Executive Director of Strategy, Culture and External Affairs | DrinkAware, UK

New data strategy to drive innovation and improve efficiency

The Department of Health and Social Care has published a new health in data strategy – Data saves lives: reshaping health and social care with data | DHSC, UK

How much does smoking damage our mental health? - podcast

Last week, the UK government published the Khan review, an independent report looking at how England could become smoke free by 2030. One of the recommendations was to tackle the issue of mental health and smoking. Madeleine Finlay speaks to epidemiologist Dr Gemma Taylor about how significant this link is, what we can do to break it, and how to dispel the myth that smoking is a stress reliever | Guardian, UK

Vaping - is it a risk-free option?

They are brightly coloured, easy-to-use and come in flavours from cotton candy to blue raspberry - disposable vapes are surging in popularity | BBC, UK

Testers discovered eight new ecstasy pills at Parklife - one was twice as potent as an average tablet

The Loop is advising caution for festival-goers and clubbers thinking of taking the tablets, which were found to be on average 1.5 times stronger than normal | Manchester Evening News, UK

Alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD)

New information resources. Alcohol-related liver disease is a condition where the liver has been damaged by alcohol. You don’t have to be addicted to alcohol to develop the condition, regularly drinking over the guideline amounts can put you at risk. It’s sometimes referred to as alcoholic liver disease, and your doctor might use the abbreviations ALD or ARLD when they’re talking about it | British Liver Trust, UK

Could magic mushrooms in care homes help curb fear of death? Psychedelic drugs could 'revolutionise' end-of-life treatment, expert says

Psychedelic drugs such as those in magic mushrooms could ‘revolutionise’ care home treatment if given to people at the end of their life, an expert has argued | Mail Online, UK

Addiction, Rats and Nazi Germany with Professor Bruce Alexander - podcast

Professor Alexander conducted a series of experiments into drug addiction known as the Rat Park experiments. Which brought into light the true complexity of addiction and the influence of our environment on how we use drugs and how they affect us. Listen to this episode to find out why the “demon drug myth” is extremely out of date with the scientific world and what we can do to debunk it | Drug Science, UK



International news

Germany moves ahead with plan to legalize cannabis sales

The German government is setting in motion plans to legalize the sale of cannabis for recreational purposes, aiming to have legislation ready later this year | Mail Online, UK

Petrol bombs and death threats: Families of drug addicts describe the daily fear they experience

Addiction support experts will tell the Oireachtas Mental Health Committee this morning that greater resources must be put into the health aspect of drug addiction and that addiction is a problem that will not simply go away | Journal, Ireland

EU Drugs Agency: Council adopts negotiating mandate on strengthening the role of the agency

To step up the fight against illegal drugs, the Council today adopted its negotiating mandate on the proposal on the EU Drugs Agency, meant to turn the existing European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction into a fully fledged agency and strengthen its role. The new regulation will provide the agency with the means to respond to new health and security challenges posed by illegal drugs in a more efficient way, better support member states and contribute to improving the situation at the international level | EMCDDA, Portugal

Launch event: European Drug Report 2022

TODAY. 14th June 2022. What do the latest data tell us about trends in drug use and the market? What hazardous new drugs are emerging? What substances are posing the greatest health threats? Find out more when the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA) launches its European Drug Report 2022: Trends and Developments in a live online press conference on 14 June | EMCDDA, Portugal

Polysubstance use common in adults seeking substance use treatment

Past 30-day polysubstance use is reported by 32.6 percent of adults who seek substance use treatment in the United States, according to research published in the June 10 issue of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report | Medical Xpress, USA

Increased overdose and mental health risks persist two years after opioid dose reduction

Researchers from the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research examined the potential long-term risks of opioid dose tapering. They found that patients on stable but higher-dose opioid therapy who had their doses tapered by at least 15% had significantly higher rates of overdose and mental health crisis in the second year after tapering compared to their pre-tapering period | Medical Xpress, USA

Ukraine May Legalize Medical Cannabis

Ukraine's Health Minister Viktor Liashko announced on June 7 that the government had backed the bill that would legalize medical cannabis amid the war with Russia | Forbes, USA

Oregon will become first US state to ban synthetic cannabis

Oregon will soon become the first-ever state to ban synthetic weed sales, which includes products containing lab-grown cannabinoids like delta-8 | INSIDER, USA

Current evidence on cannabis use in palliative care

The majority of the studies included in the review were on cancer patients. Only a few studies were conducted on dementia patients and AIDS patients. Considerable differences in study populations, as well as cannabis treatment regimens, were observed across the studies. However, because of the heterogeneity in types of cannabis used as well as study outcomes, the scientists could not perform a meta-analysis of the findings | News Medical, USA

#23 - Prof David Nutt: The Endocannabinoid System And The Future Of Medical Cannabis

The Endocannabinoid SystemTHC, CBD and other cannabinoidsCB1 and CB2 receptorsThe Entourage EffectConstituents of cannabisMedicinal Cannabis | Mind Medicine Australia, Australia



Blogs, comment and opinion

Is it right to raise the price of booze during a cost of living crisis?

Unlike its counterpart in Westminster, the Scottish government recognises there is a problem | Independent voices, UK

Cannabis tourism: how a new travel trend is taking off

Legal cannabis consumption rose in the US and Europe during the COVID pandemic, with some people turning to marijuana to help them cope with lockdowns and broken routines. Meanwhile, fewer people today view the drug as harmful compared to previous decades | Conversation, UK

Editorial: The FDA is right to ban menthol cigarettes

Take a deep breath, America. We’ve made serious progress against cigarette smoking. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 23% of adults were smokers in 2000. By 2020, the rate had fallen to 12.5%. Teen use of traditional cigarettes has plummeted from 22.5% in 2002 to 6% in 2019, according to the American Lung Assn | LA Times opinion, USA