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Daily news - 20th June 2022

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UK news

ACMD Naloxone Review

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs has undertaken a review of the availability and implementation of naloxone in the UK | ACMD, UK

Publication of the ACMD report into the availability and use of naloxone

Press release accompanying the new report on Naloxone | ACMD, UK

RADAR: Rapid Action Drug Alerts and Response

In an effort to respond to the public health emergency of drug-related deaths in Scotland, RADAR provides a structured way to collect, assess and communicate information about drugs, identifying risks quickly and informing rapid action to reduce harm and save lives | Public Health Scotland, UK

Forward’s Employment Services Directorate celebrates another successful year

Our Employment Services Directorate had a successful year in 2021/22, supporting even more people in prison and in the community | Forward Trust, UK

Alcohol Occasionals - Care for co-occurring heavy alcohol use & depression

Tue, 21 June 2022, 12:30 – 14:00 BST. Dr Kat Jackson and Dr Amy O’Donnell present on how people with co-occurring heavy alcohol use and depression describe the care they receive | SHAAP, UK

County lines: Inside the complex battle against drug gangs exploiting children

Police waging the relentless battle against dangerous crime gangs often arrest children for drug dealing | BBC, UK

Police in Wisbech find drugs worth £245k

In a post on Facebook, officers from the force said "someone will be missing" the confiscated drugs | BBC, UK

Bedford and Rushden cannabis factories discovered in police raids

Three cannabis factories found in homes have been dismantled by police in a series of raids across three counties | BBC, UK



International news

The right to health and the right to tobacco harm reduction

This Briefing Paper highlights the importance of developing a right to health and a right to harm reduction narrative and indicates the opportunities for human rights challenges. It argues that international human rights law supports tobacco harm reduction | GSTHR, UK

Launch of New Research by Dr. Lars M. Ramström

The Global Forum on Nicotine 2022 conference organisers are proud to have hosted the launch of new research from Dr. Lars M. Ramström at the opening of the event. The research demonstrates that national availability of snus is clearly associated with lower rates of mortality attributable to tobacco - while country-level implementation of World Health Organization tobacco control measures is not | GFN, UK

MDMA trials under review in Canada over alleged abuse of study participants

Health Canada confirms reviews into trials following complaint of ‘alleged investigator misconduct’ | Guardian, UK

Drug smugglers deliver £68 million worth of cocaine to supermarkets by mistake

Workers unpacking Colombian bananas shipments find rather unexpected surprise amid crates | Independent, UK

Aussie schools install vape detectors inside bathrooms to alert teachers to children who are vaping

The new technology triggers a silent alarm system that emails alerts to teachers, who then lock students inside the bathroom so they can check them for vapes | Mail Online, UK

Alcohol a factor in 25% of deaths in young men in Ireland, report finds

Alcohol Action Ireland, a charity dedicated to reducing levels of alcohol harm in Ireland, is urging men to rethink how they approach drinking as part of Men's Health Week | Irish Central, Ireland

New psychoactive substances: 25 years of early warning and response in Europe — an update from the EU Early Warning System

This update from the EU Early Warning System overviews the NPS situation in Europe in 2020-2021 and highlights emerging threats to support early warning, preparedness planning and response measures. In addition, it reflects on the changes and the lessons learned from 25 years of monitoring NPS in Europe | EMCDDA, Portugal

What is the prevalence of and trend in opioid use disorder in the United States from 2010 to 2019? Using multiplier approaches to estimate prevalence for an unknown population size

Opioid-related overdose deaths have increased since 2010 in the U.S., but information on trends in opioid use disorder (OUD) prevalence is limited due to unreliable data. Multiplier methods are a classical epidemiological technique to estimate prevalence when direct estimation is infeasible or unreliable. We used two different multiplier approaches to estimate OUD prevalence from 2010 to 2019 | Drug and Alcohol Dependence Reports, USA

Changes in Youth Cannabis Use After an Increase in Cannabis Minimum Legal Age in Quebec, Canada

In this cross-sectional study with difference-in-differences analysis of 1005 youths aged 15 to 20 years, although youth cannabis use still increased after the policy change, the increase in past-3-month cannabis use among youths aged 18 to 20 years was 51% lower in Quebec than in other provinces. There was no change in cannabis use among youths aged 15 to 17 years | JAMA Network open, USA

Cannabis Legalization: 2021–2022 Observations (Policy Brief)

Examines evidence on the impact and implementation of the 2018 Cannabis Act. The report explores progress toward the act’s public health and safety objectives. Policy makers, public health professionals and researchers involved in cannabis regulation will find the report informative. Continuing to monitor and learn from the evolution of the regulated cannabis market in Canada remains essential to informing policy and public health, both in Canada and internationally | CCSA, Canada

Government of Canada proposes new disclosure requirements on vaping product sales and ingredients

Canada’s vaping market is evolving rapidly. A large number of vaping substances are available across the country and new formulations are frequently introduced with new flavours. Health Canada is restricted in its capacity to properly track market trends due to limited access to information on vaping products sales and composition | Government of Canada, Canada

Health approach to drugs more effective than prohibition: Drug Foundation

The Drug Foundation says the expansion of a methamphetamine treatment programme shows a health approach to drugs is far more effective than prohibition | RNZ, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

The Khan tobacco control review: a magic bullet for health inequalities?

Smoking in the English adult population was just under 14 per cent in 2019. This is a testament to the success of tobacco policy control and practice, the UK often comes top or close to it in international rankings of effective tobacco policy | Kings Fund blog, UK

Gabapentinoids: repeating mistakes of the past?

Gabapentinoid abuse and harms are increasing proportional to increased prescribing. Despite early indicators of problems and similar patterns with other drugs, regulatory controls over promotion and availability were introduced only after significant harms. Prescribers and consumers need new regulatory approaches to support quality use of high-risk medicines | BMJ editorial, UK