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Daily news - 27th June 2022

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UK news

Health profiles for English regions: 2021

These profiles bring together data and knowledge to give a broad picture of health in the nine English regions. The reports provide a regional view of health and indicators presented in the Health Profile for England 2021. [Includes risk profiles associated with ill health, such as smoking, alcohol and other drug use] | OHID, UK

Medication Assisted Treatment Standards

The next item of business is a statement by Angela Constance on medication assisted treatment standards | They work for you, UK

Glasgow drug consumption room moves step closer to opening

Drug consumption rooms in Scotland moved a step closer on Thursday after the Scottish Government asked the country’s top law officer to consider a new bid for a service in Glasgow | Herald, UK

Cocaine, class and me: everyone in this town takes drugs, all the time – they’re part of the civic culture

When I moved out of London, my plan was to write a book. Instead, I ended up working in a chicken shop, watching drugs tear through a working-class town – and my own life | Guardian, UK

NDTMS: consent and privacy notice

Updated the information and consent form and added a privacy notice. Information for people in drug and alcohol treatment about sharing their information with the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System | OHID, UK

How do I know if I’ve been spiked? We ask an expert

Dawn Dines, founder of Stamp Out Spiking, on the warning signs – and why it’s on the agenda at last | Guardian, UK

Driver who imported cannabis worth £127k jailed

A man who imported £127,000 of cannabis to the Isle of Man hidden in a secret compartment in a car has been jailed for three years and two months | BBC, UK



International news

FDA ban on Juul e-cigarettes temporarily halted

The company requested the hold while it appeals the sales ban which would have required it to immediately halt its business | Guardian, UK

US bans Juul but young vapers are already switching to newer products

Analysis: Juul is only the fourth most popular e-cigarette with adolescents, who are opting for disposable alternatives | Guardian, UK

Teens and vaping: ‘We would have had a nicotine-free generation' [Australia]

Bubblegum flavoured, feted on TikTok and in some cases addictive – vaping is attracting a generation of young people who would never light a cigarette. And it’s making some sick | Guardian, UK

Australia’s first fixed pill testing site to launch in Canberra with hopes of sparking a national initiative

Organisers say the centre is a ‘real watershed’ moment and will open two nights a week from 19 July | Guardian, UK

New Zealand ‘grossly underprepared’ as deadly drug fentanyl causes string of overdoses

Twelve people needed medical attention after overdosing on the drug, which had been sold as cocaine | Guardian, UK

The sacred story of Khat, Ethiopia’s natural ‘spiritual’ drug

Jessica Beshir’s psychedelic new documentary, Faya Dayi, explores the history of Khat – a mystical green leaf discovered by Sufi imams on their search for “eternal life” | Dazed Digital, UK

Magic mushrooms are all the rage. But are they Jewish?

Rabbi Ben Gorelick is facing up to 32 years in prison for distributing psychedelics. His defense rests on the argument that tripping is a Jewish rite | Guardian, UK

How Thailand went from war on drugs to cannabis curries - BBC News - video

The country legalised cultivating and consuming cannabis in June, reversing a hard-line approach of long prison sentences or even the death penalty for drug offences. The regime has sparked off a boom in weed-related businesses hoping to cash in on a new customer base | BBC, UK

Highlights from the 2022 UNODC World Drug Report: Implications for drug prevention, treatment and care responses

Thu, Jul 7, 2022 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM BST. ISSUP are pleased to invite you to this upcoming event on addressing drug challenges in health and humanitarian crises. The webinar will present the highlights from the 2022 edition of UNODC World Drug Report and their implications on drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation responses including in times of crises | ISSUP, UK

End ‘war on drugs’ and promote policies rooted in human rights: UN experts

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, 26 June 2022. UN human rights experts* have called on the international community to bring an end to the so-called “war on drugs” and promote drug policies that are firmly anchored in human rights | OHCHR, Switzerland

Launch of the 2022 World Drug Report - Registration form

27 June 2022, 16:00. Register for free online access to the launch | UNODC, Austria

DrugHelpNet: A Lifeline for Female Drug Users in the midst of a pandemic

The theme of World Drug Day 2022 is ‘health and humanitarian crises’. To commemorate the Day, UNODC is highlighting its work on drug prevention and treatment around the world, particularly in crisis situations. Nigeria, 24 June 2022 - Yemisi, a student at a university in Nigeria, had two problems in early 2020... | UNODC, Austria

New data-driven simulation model projects national opioid crisis to worsen before it gets better

A significant challenge in addressing the country's opioid crisis is that policies based on past patterns of behavior may have unintended consequences because those patterns change over time | Medical Xpress, USA

Lots of 'THC-free' CBD products contain THC: Study

You might be getting a little unwanted something extra when you buy a CBD product at your local grocers or supplements store, a new study warns | Medical Xpress, USA

NZ Hospital Leads the Way by Giving Vapes to Patients Who Smoke

The Whanganui District Health Board (DHB) has announced that its hospital on New Zealand’s North Island will go smoke-free on June 27. But it didn’t stop there. It also announced that patients would be given free vapes and encouraged to use them while in the Te Awhina acute mental health ward | Filter Magazine, USA

Booze now, pay later apps prompt concern

Pubs and clubs across Australia are letting patrons to buy now, pay later when it comes to alcohol, and experts are concerned the shift could lead to "financial hangovers". | The West Australian, Australia

New poll shows most New Zealanders support change in drug laws

New polling shows most New Zealanders support changing the country’s drug laws to remove criminal penalties and instead offer education, treatment, and other health-based approaches | NZDF, New Zealand

Fentanyl in Wairarapa - Everything you need to know

Over Matariki weekend 2022, fentanyl was detected in white powder sold as both cocaine and methamphetamine that led to 12 hospitalisations in the Wairarapa, according to preliminary testing. See more from High Alert | The Level, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Does your doctor know enough about drugs?

How can you answer a question if the answer doesn’t exist? Let’s examine the case of *Fiona. She had previously experienced depression and thanks to therapy and medication was now symptom-free for over a year. However, after taking MDMA on a night out, she felt that her depressive symptoms had come back | Volteface, UK

From drug prohibition to regulation: a public health imperative

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to contain it have exacerbated many of the pre-existing public health harms associated with drug prohibition. Health services for people who use drugs—often grossly insufficient to start with—were disrupted | Lancet comment, UK

The drugs DO work… but we won’t use them

Government opposition to psychedelic therapies means those with mental health problems can’t access groundbreaking treatments | The New European, UK

‘When I gave up drink it was a hallelujah moment’: Sleaford Mods interviewed at Glastonbury

In the first of the Guardian’s onstage talks with musicians at the festival, frontman Jason Williamson and producer Andrew Fearn talk candidly about substance abuse, class and turning 50 | Guardian, UK