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Daily news - 10th March 2022

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UK news

Independent review of Smokefree 2030 policies: terms of reference

The independent review into smoking will provide advice that will inform the government’s approach to tackling the stark health disparities associated with tobacco use | OHID, UK

Javid calls on families to help NHS by pushing loved ones to improve health

Health secretary says people should help relatives quit smoking, adopt better diets and stop taking drugs | Guardian, UK

Industry influence: a barrier to progress in public health policy

The consumption of health harming commodities such as tobacco, alcohol and foods high in fat, salt and sugar are causes of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and drivers of health inequalities in the UK and worldwide. NCDs such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, liver and lung disease and stroke are estimated to account for 89% of all deaths in the UK | University of Edinburgh, UK

Call for alcohol addiction nurses at GP surgeries

Alcohol problems could be tackled by placing more specialist addiction nurses at GP surgeries in deprived areas, researchers have found | BBC, UK

The Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control

The Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control was developed by Newcastle City Council. It is a statement of a council’s commitment to ensure tobacco control is part of mainstream public health work and commits councils to taking comprehensive action to address the harm from smoking. Since it was launched in May 2013, over 120 councils across the country have signed the Declaration | Smokefree Action, UK

Only 45% of smokers in hospital get advice on quitting – audit

The British Thoracic Society (BTS) said that more healthcare workers should be trained in how to help patients stop smoking | Yahoo News, UK

Association of quarterly prevalence of e-cigarette use with ever regular smoking among young adults in England: a time–series analysis between 2007 and 2018

[Open access] To assess how changes in the prevalence of e-cigarette use among young adults have been associated with changes in the uptake of smoking in England between 2007 and 2018 | Addiction, UK

In the news: ‘Poor safety’ found at Derbyshire women’s prison

A report from HM Inspectorate of Prisons revealed poor safety outcomes at HMP Foston Hall – an unusual finding for a women’s prison. Among the concerns were record levels of self-harm, a perception that illicit drugs were easy to get hold of, and a doubling in the use of force by prison guards since the inspection two years earlier | SSA, UK

Sky Vegas fined £1.2m for sending free casino ‘spins’ to recovering addicts

Messages from online casino occurred during industry’s Safer Gambling Week | Guardian, UK

Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock calls for smoking ban in Scotland

The 53-year-old former footballer has called for smoking to be banned across Scotland | Independent, UK

13m illegal cigarettes seized from UK streets as black market booms

Investigators have seized over £7m worth of cigarettes over the past year, as the government cracks down on illegal tobacco trade on the streets | City AM, UK

'Frustrated aspiration' leading young people into drug trafficking

Some young people see drug trafficking "as the only way they potentially can get the shiny things that they want", the Isle of Man's chief constable said | BBC, UK

Cleveland Police arrests 26 in 'county lines' drugs raids

Twenty-six people have been arrested as part of a 14-month police operation to disrupt "county lines" drugs gangs | BBC, UK

Tuxford: Dog falls ill after eating 'cannabis' on walk

A vet has warned dog owners to be vigilant as she believes her pet became unwell after eating cannabis during a walk | BBC, UK


International news

82 million vapers worldwide in 2021: the GSTHR estimate

In 2021, the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction (GSTHR) project published the first ever worldwide estimate of the number of vapers, which stood at 68 million in 2020. New data from the February 2021 Eurobarometer 506 survey and other surveys offered a unique opportunity to update that figure. We also modified our projection process by taking both regional variations in market size and the actual year of origin of the underlying data into account. The GSTHR now estimates that there were 82 million vapers worldwide in 2021 | GSTHR, UK

British American Tobacco to continue selling cigarettes in Russia

London-based Rothmans maker says it will abide by sanctions instead of halting operations in country | Guardian, UK

Moroccan government ratifies cannabis bill for medical and industrial purposes

The Moroccan government ratified the draft law pertaining to the legalization and framing of cannabis production in the country this Thursday, on its weekly government council | IDPC, UK

The Drake: life on the edge in Nashville – in pictures

On a block near the city’s Drake motel, Tamara Reynolds befriended and photographed the women whose drug problems governed their lives | Guardian, UK

Call for Peer Mentors for the Jude Byrne Emerging Female Leaders Award

The International Network of People Who Use Drugs in collaboration with the International Network of Health and Hepatitis in Substance Users have announced the first round of the new Jude Byrne Emerging Female Leaders Award | INPUD, UK

Philippine authorities seize largest drugs haul this year

Authorities in the Philippines seized suspected methamphetamine estimated to be worth more than one billion pesos (£14.6 million) and arrested a Chinese man, as the president’s crackdown on illegal drugs continued in his final months in power | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Keeping harm reduction available in Ukraine

Ten days after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, UNAIDS spoke to Oleksii Kvytkovskyi, the head of the Volna Donbas Resource Center of the All-Ukrainian Association of People with Drug Addiction, a nongovernmental organization working with people who inject drugs in Ukraine | UNAIDS, Switzerland

New Yorkers With Marijuana Convictions Will Get First Retail Licenses

[Limited number of free articles per week] Officials intend to reserve the first 100 or more retail licenses to sell marijuana in New York for people who have been convicted of related offenses, or their relatives | NYTimes, USA

Syringe program user survey shows 'stunning' fentanyl surge

Use of the illicitly produced opioid fentanyl has surged by a "stunning" extent in Washington, said the lead researcher involved in a survey of nearly 1,000 people who use syringe-service program sites across the state | Medical Xpress, USA

Congress Seems Poised To Let the FDA Ban E-Cigarettes Containing Synthetic Nicotine

A spending bill provision would redefine "tobacco products" to include products that have nothing to do with tobacco | Reason, USA

There Has to Be a Better Way to Free Methadone

I had a gut feeling there would be gaslighting, but I didn’t think it would start the minute Dr. Alan Leshner opened his mouth to kick off “Methadone Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder: Examining Federal Regulations and Laws,” hosted by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Law on March 4 and 5 | Filter Magazine, USA

Australia Tightens the Screws Further on Vaping Nicotine

Australia is planning to strengthen its regulations to prevent smokers from switching to vaping nicotine. The draft National Tobacco Strategy 2022-2030 proposes “additional measures to further restrict the marketing, availability and use of all e-cigarette components | Filter Magazine, USA

BC Coroners Service Death Review Panel: A Review of Illicit Drug Toxicity Deaths (2022)

A panel of subject-matter experts convened by the BC Coroners Service is calling for increased access to a safer supply of drugs and creation of an evidence-based continuum of care to better support substance users and reduce the number of illicit drug-related deaths in B.C. | BC Coroner's Service, Canada

Overdose victims trending younger as drug supply grows ever more toxic, death review panel finds

B.C. review puts in place 30-90 day timelines for response after reviewing 6,007 deaths | CBC News, Canada

Colorimetric reagent test kit use amongst a sample of people who regularly use ecstasy and/or other illegal stimulants in Australia, 2019-2021

The aim of this bulletin is to describe, amongst a convenience sample of people who regularly use MDMA/ecstasy and other illegal stimulants: Past year engagement in drug checking, including use of colorimetric reagent test kits (2019-2021); The sociodemographic, drug use, and other risk behavioural factors associated with use of colorimetric reagent test kits (2019-2021); and Opinions regarding the scope and accuracy of reagent testing kits (2021) | NDARC, Australia

Non-opioid prescription misuse - new kids on the block

This presentation explored the who, how and why of non-opioid prescription drug misuse focusing on antipsychotics, stimulants and pregabalin | NDARC, Australia

‘Radical change’: The Northland meth rehab programme that works

A unique meth harm reduction programme in Northland is transforming lives, so why hasn’t it been rolled out across the country? The Detail speaks to the co-author of a recent evaluation report Darren Walton and Massey University's Chris Wilkins about what makes Te Ara Oranga so different | Newsroom, New Zealand



Blogs, comment and opinion

Ukraine’s opiate users: Russian invasion has severely disrupted access to drug-treatment services

About 317,000 Ukrainians inject drugs like heroin regularly. As of January, 14,868 of them were receiving substitute opiates such as methadone and buprenorphine | Conversation, UK

Three things about recovery that are really worth knowing

I’ve been musing a bit recently on the place of hope in addiction treatment and in recovery journeys... | Recovery Review blog, UK