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Reports: April

Needle Exchange Surveillance Initiative (NESI)

Prevalence of blood-borne viruses and injecting risk behaviours among people who inject drugs attending injecting equipment provision services in Scotland, 2008 to 2020 | Public Health Scotland, UK

Alcohol and drugs workforce: mixed-methods research compendium

Health and Social Care Analysis have undertaken a programme of research to better understand the drug and alcohol workforce. This programme has entailed both synthesising existing datasets and generating new data, which has resulted in the production of the following series of documents... | Scottish Government, UK

Levelling up health by stamping out tobacco (PDF)

This paper demonstrates that smoking is the single biggest cause of health inequalities and is responsible for half of the difference in life expectancy between the richest and poorest in society. It is directly related to three of the 12 levelling up missions recently announced by the UK government in its Levelling Up White Paper, published February 2022.1 Significant action on smoking is essential if the Government’s ambition to add 5 years healthy life expectancy by 2035 is to be achieved | ALUK, UK

Medical cannabis and road safety

Report examining issues relating to road safety and the use and prescription of medical cannabis | DoT, UK

Proposals for a high risk offenders drug driving scheme

Report from an expert panel outlining recommendations for implementing a high risk offender scheme for drug drivers | DoT, UK

Trends in Cannabis Use Prior to First Admission to Inpatient Psychiatry in Ontario, Canada, Between 2007 and 2017 (Report at a Glance)

Highlights the correlation between cannabis use and admission to inpatient psychiatry beds in Ontario between 2007 and 2017. The study shows that prior cannabis use was common among people at first admission to inpatient psychiatry. It suggests that trends in use among vulnerable groups, such as those with mental illness, need to be monitored to evaluate the effect of cannabis-related policies on different cohorts of psychiatric inpatients | CCSA, Canada

Electronic cigarettes and health outcomes: systematic review of global evidence

This report aims to provide a systematic overview of the contemporary evidence on the health effects of nicotine and non-nicotine e-cigarette use, excluding where possible use of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other illicit substances. The primary health outcomes of interest include, but are not limited to: dependence; cardiovascular disease; cancer; respiratory disease; oral diseases; reproductive outcomes; injuries and poisonings; mental health conditions; and environmental hazards with human health implications | Australian National University, Australia

Good practices in managing infectious diseases in prison settings: a snapshot of responses to COVID-19 implemented around the globe between May and September 2020

This report captures various health-related policies and practices that were implemented inside prisons and other places of detention during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is intended as a resource for policy-makers, prison managers and health-in-prisons practitioners, highlighting the preparedness, responsiveness, risk assessment, risk mitigation and case management of COVID-19 inside prisons. The report presents good practices from countries and regions, selected according to specific criteria, in enhancement of health-care practices in prisons | WHO, Denmark

Advocacy Project 6 Month Report

There are no specific advocacy service’s in the UK fighting for the rights of people seeking access to treatment & this service could easily be the start of a whole new desperately needed sector | FAVOR UK, UK

Harm Reduction International Launches 2021 Annual Report

2021 marked our 25th year as an organisation. We have grown from a small group in Liverpool showing international visitors a bold harm reduction approach, to a global leader in analysis, advocacy and convening the sector. There have been great strides in the recognition of the role of health and human rights in the response to drugs. We are proud to be part of a dynamic, intersectional movement and proud to follow on from the work started by the courageous harm reductionists before us | HRI, UK

NHS smoking cessation local delivery plan standard quarterly

This release by Public Health Scotland (PHS) presents information on NHS Stop Smoking Services in Scotland and their progress towards their annual Local Delivery Plan (LDP) Standard. In the first six months of the financial year 2021/22, NHS Scotland contributed 41% (2,880 out of 7,026) towards the required annual LDP Standard | Public Health Scotland, UK

Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia: early insights

Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia: early insights presents key statistics about Australia’s publicly funded alcohol and other drug treatment services and their clients | AIHW, Australia

Hepatitis C Trust and HCV Action publish 'Reframing Reinfection' report

The 'Reframing Reinfection: towards sustained hepatitis C elimination in the UK' report features specific, holistic recommendations tailored to tackle reinfections, and to ensure that we achieve sustainable elimination by the UK’s goal of 2030. These recommendations focus on the following five key areas which need urgent work and development... | Hep C Trust, UK

Alcohol, tobacco & other drugs in Australia

Alcohol, tobacco and other drug use is a major cause of preventable disease, illness and death in Australia. This report consolidates recent information on the availability and consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in Australia, and related impacts, harms and treatment | AIHW, Australia

Mental health quality indicator profile

Of the 7,269 referrals to community-based specialist drug and alcohol treatment services completed in the quarter ending 31 December 2021, 93% involved a wait of three weeks or less | Public Health Scotland, UK

Meth use rises significantly during August lockdown, remains elevated

Police wastewater figures show use more than doubled between July and September 2021, and has stayed well above the historical average right through to January 2022, the most recent available figures showed | RNZ, New Zealand

A House of Cards: ‘High compliance’: A legally indefensible and confusing distraction

In a recently published report, ‘High compliance, a lex lata legalization for the non-medical cannabis industry’, Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli claims to have discovered a new legal justification for regulating recreational cannabis in accordance with the 1961 United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs | TNI, UK