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Weekly news - 14th April 2022

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No new licence applications for e-cigarettes since UK medicines regulator changed its guidance

The Medicines and Healthcare products Agency said that while there has been "much interest from companies who wish to achieve regulatory approval", no new licence applications for e-cigarettes have been submitted | Pharmaceutical Journal, UK

Harm Reduction International Launches 2021 Annual Report

2021 marked our 25th year as an organisation. We have grown from a small group in Liverpool showing international visitors a bold harm reduction approach, to a global leader in analysis, advocacy and convening the sector. There have been great strides in the recognition of the role of health and human rights in the response to drugs. We are proud to be part of a dynamic, intersectional movement and proud to follow on from the work started by the courageous harm reductionists before us | HRI, UK

Prominent health warnings on alcohol products make drinking “unappealing”, new study finds

Young adult drinkers are more likely to perceive alcohol products as “unappealing” and “socially unacceptable” if they display prominent health warnings, according to new research | University of Stirling, UK

Psychedelic frees up depressed brain, study shows

Psilocybin, a drug found in magic mushrooms, appears to free up the brains of people with severe depression in a way that other antidepressants do not, a study has found | BBC, UK

HIV treatment and health care for refugees from Ukraine

People fleeing the war in Ukraine who have ‘temporary protection’ status have the right to use health services in European Union countries. This page, which will be regularly updated, provides information on access to HIV care and related health care for refugees from Ukraine, country by country. Эта страница также доступна на русском языке. (This page is also available in Russian). We are working on a Ukrainian translation | NAM, UK

NHS smoking cessation local delivery plan standard quarterly

This release by Public Health Scotland (PHS) presents information on NHS Stop Smoking Services in Scotland and their progress towards their annual Local Delivery Plan (LDP) Standard. In the first six months of the financial year 2021/22, NHS Scotland contributed 41% (2,880 out of 7,026) towards the required annual LDP Standard | Public Health Scotland, UK

Overdose deaths among US teens have more than doubled in three years

Researchers attribute deaths to flood of counterfeit pills containing the synthetic opioid fentanyl | Guardian, UK

Extra funding for drug and alcohol treatment: 2022 to 2023

Information about new funding to local councils to help them improve their drug and alcohol treatment and recovery systems | OHID, UK

Call for evidence for new 10-year plan to improve mental health

The 12-week call for evidence will seek views on what can be improved within the current service and build our understanding of the causes of mental ill-health | DHSC, UK

How overdose reversal drug Naloxone is saving lives across the North West

A new project being trialled in Bolton and Bury is hoping to save lives by training people how to use a drug that reverses the effects of an overdose | ITV, UK

Northern Ireland drugs death rate 'higher in more deprived areas'

Drug-related death rates in Northern Ireland's most deprived areas are more than four-and-a-half times that of least deprived areas, a new report from the Department of Health has said | BBC, UK

Cheshire and Merseyside Alcohol Inquiry report published to support system-wide approach to improve lives and reduce deaths from alcohol use

Led by Champs Public Health Collaborative on behalf of the nine local authorities in Cheshire and Merseyside, the subregion’s Alcohol Inquiry brought local citizens together to engage in an open and honest debate on having a healthier relationship with alcohol | Champs Public Health Collaborative, UK

Vaper Trails: New nicotine products and the innovation principle

The benefits of innovation are unpredictable and hard to quantify. Fear of adverse consequences can lead to excessive emphasis on risk avoidance, leading to regulation that holds back beneficial innovation. The experience in tobacco harm reduction illustrates this | IEA, UK

The surprising reason why not all lifelong smokers get lung cancer

Essentially, after smoking a lot of cigarettes for a lot of years, some people’s bodies may actually adapt to prevent their cells from becoming cancerous – at least when it comes to lung cancer | Metro, UK

Running out of credit: Mobile phone tech and the birth of county lines

What can law enforcement agencies learn from the early use of tech by the operators of county drug lines? | Crest Advisory, UK

Users of ‘date rape’ drug GHB face longer jail terms in crackdown on drink spiking

‘Some sort of justice will be felt by the numerous victims of the disgusting crime,’ says campaigner | Independent, UK

Juul settles with Washington state for $22.5 million

E-cigarette maker Juul Labs Inc has agreed to pay $22.5 million to settle a lawsuit by the state of Washington accusing it of fueling a vaping epidemic by marketing its products to appeal to minors and deceiving consumers about their addictiveness | Reuters, USA