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Weekly news - 18th February 2022

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COA Week - 13th February - 19th February

In the UK, COA Week is led by the charity Nacoa UK who provide year-round support. Please join us in our 12th year in the UK. Together we can increase awareness of this hidden problem and the support available. Find out how you can help children of all ages know they are not alone | NACOA, UK

GPs issue 10,000 prescriptions per day for banned drugs

[Limited number of free articles per week] Almost £70million a year is being spent on medicines deemed 'potentially harmful' including deadly painkillers and unproven herbal remedies | Telegraph, UK

Drugs campaigner spearheads private bid to run authorised Overdose Prevention Centres in Scotland

Service provider Cranstoun claims Glasgow and Dundee could benefit - with facilities laid on faster and cheaper that NHS | Daily Record, UK

Labour will look at ‘naming and shaming’ scheme for people convicted of buying drugs

Chair of APPG on drugs and alcohol says it would ‘do little, if anything, to reduce drug usage’ | Independent, UK

E-cigarettes: Cardiff shops sell products to underage teens

E-cigarettes and liquid were illegally sold to under-18s in a Welsh city, an undercover BBC investigation has found | BBC, UK

Islanders in Guernsey asked views on drug punishments

The government in Guernsey has asked islanders for their views on alternative punishments for illegal drug use and possession. A survey is being used to gather views on alternative approaches | BBC, UK

Met Police commander accused of taking magic mushrooms

A Met Police commander has been accused of taking cannabis, LSD and magic mushrooms while on holiday in France. Cdr Julian Bennett previously wrote the force's current drug strategy | BBC, UK

Sugar content in wine revealed: Health experts deem alcohol labelling ‘woefully inadequate’

Health experts are calling for better alcohol labelling as it is revealed that wine can contain anywhere between 0g and 59g of free sugars per bottle | AHA, UK

Plans outlined for £100m Isle of Man medicinal cannabis complex

Plans for a £100m complex on the Isle of Man to grow and export medicinal cannabis could be "game-changing", the firm behind the scheme has said | BBC, UK

More than 104,000 Americans died from drug overdoses within 12-month period

Two-thirds of overdose deaths involved synthetic opioids like fentanyl | Independent, UK

Police Scotland officers to be issued with Naloxone overdose spray

All police officers in Scotland are to be issued with an emergency treatment for drug overdoses. The national roll-out of the Naloxone nasal spray follows pilots in Dundee, Falkirk, Glasgow, Stirling and Caithness | BBC, UK

Insights from experience: alcohol and suicide

Drinking alcohol can increase someone's risk of dying by suicide. This is connected to both the impact of long-term alcohol use and the immediate effects of drinking. With our partners in the Suicide Prevention Consortium, we have been exploring what the relationship between alcohol and suicide looks like for people living in England, in their own words | Samaritans, UK

New Initiative Aims To Improve The Medical Cannabis Industry By Putting Patients First

Volteface is launching a new initiative that aims to improve the medical cannabis industry by giving patients a voice, and the chance to shape their future care | Volteface, UK