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Weekly news - 28th January 2022

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Government response to the ACMD on CBPMs in humans

The government responds to the ACMD reports on cannabis-based products for medicinal use (CBPMs) in humans | ACMD, UK

Advice on the classification and scheduling of Isotonitazene and related compounds

The government commissions the ACMD to advise on the appropriate classification and scheduling of Isotonitazene and related compounds | ACMD, UK

Pioneering study finds generational link between smoking and body fat

Females whose grandfathers began smoking at early age tend to have more body fat, Children of the 90s study suggests | Guardian, UK

Mapping Drug Use, Interventions and Treatment Needs in Scottish Prisons: A literature review (PDF)

This is a literature review mapping the contemporary picture of drugs and Scottish prisons. Three research questions guided the search, relating to: prevalence and patterns of use in prisons; treatment and harm reduction services available in prison; and, the needs of people in Scottish prisons in relation to their drug use | Uinversity of Glasgow and University of Stirling, UK

The YouGov Big Survey on Drugs

YouGov has conducted an extensive study on drugs and drug use in the UK. The study investigates opinions, attitudes, and behaviours of Britons towards both prescription and recreational drugs | YouGov, UK

Reaching Out: Tobacco control and stop smoking services in local authorities in England, 2021

This report presents findings from the eighth annual ASH/CRUK survey of tobacco control leads in local authorities in England. It explores both the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and current efforts to reduce the inequalities that define the smoking epidemic in England | ASH, UK

The impact of COVID-19 on health care professionals who are exposed to drug-related deaths while supporting clients experiencing addiction

This paper explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health care professionals who support clients experiencing addiction. During the pandemic, addiction support became more challenging, as existing health care models had changed or been completely abolished. Clients continued to engage with social, justice, and health services in limited capacities, connecting with general practitioners, key workers, homelessness support workers, and other service providers | JSAT, Ireland

EMCDDA launches PLATO e-learning platform and virtual community of practice

On International Day of Education, we are pleased to announce the launch of PLATO, the EMCDDA’s new e-learning platform, following a successful six-month pilot phase in 2021. The first e-learning course of 2022 on the new platform kicks off this week (25 January) targeting prevention decision-makers in the substance use field | EMCDDA, Portugal

Alcohol Consumption Among Men Declined During Pandemic; Men and Women Report More Alcohol-Related Problems

Alcohol consumption during the coronavirus pandemic declined among men, while it remained steady among women, according to a new RAND Corporation study | RAND Corporation, USA

UK funding crisis threatens to derail anti-smoking agenda

Increasingly constrained public health budgets are calling into question the UK’s ambitious goal of reducing smoking levels to one in 20 people by 2030 – a full 10 years ahead of comparable EU targets | London Loves Buisness, UK

Alcohol misuse and older people: providing support and challenging stigma

Alcohol misuse is a growing problem for older people. But old age psychiatrist Dr Tony Rao believes all practitioners have a role to play in identifying those in need and ensuring they receive support without stigma or shame | Geriatric Medicine Journal, UK

Holyrood committees to focus on scourge of drugs deaths in Scotland

Three committees will hold joint sessions to take evidence from leading figures in the UK and Scottish Governments | STV News, UK

Project ADDER helps over 13,000 people receive drug treatment

Over 600 organised crime groups have been disrupted and more than 13,000 people supported in drug treatment interventions thanks to a whole-systems approach to tackling drugs | Local Gov, UK

Pre-arrest drug diversion: A consistent approach reduces reoffending and improves life chances

[FREE to read if you have registered an account - no subscription is required] UK police forces are increasingly opting to divert people found in possession of small quantities of drugs away from the criminal justice system; drugs policing expert and social justice charity leader, Meg Jones, who led the development and implementation of pre-arrest drug diversion in the West Midlands, considers the impact of the changing approach, and what it means for the future of policing drugs | Policing Insight, UK

Impacts of overdose: Evaluating the effects of grief and loss from overdose on people who inject drugs and developing an intervention to address them

Many people who inject drugs, and people who work in harm reduction services, are living with grief and loss stemming from the ongoing crisis of opioid-overdose related deaths. These experiences of loss can take a psychological toll, yet there are few bereavement services available for people with theses experiences | MAP, Canada

Substance misuse treatment for young people: statistics 2020 to 2021

Alcohol and drug treatment data for young people under 18, from the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) | OHID, UK

Substance misuse treatment in secure settings: 2020 to 2021

Statistics for alcohol and drug misuse treatment in prisons and other secure settings from the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) | OHID, UK

Statistics on Alcohol, England 2021

280 thousand estimated admissions to hospital in 2019/20 where the main reason was attributable to alcohol. 2% higher than 2018/19 and 8% higher than 2016/17 | NHS Digital, UK

Prescriptions for drugs to treat alcohol misuse at 167,000 in 2020/21

The number of prescriptions for drugs to treat alcohol misuse was 167,000 in 2020/21, according to newly published data from NHS Digital | NHS Digital, UK

Current and former users asked to advise government on drug policy

Scotland’s drugs policy minister has announced a group including people with lived experience of drug use which will be asked to make recommendations | Independent, UK

Two powerful drugs now adding to US overdose crisis

[See also report above] Emerging reports show that two little-known drugs are making lethal new contributions to America's drug overdose crisis | Medical Xpress, USA