DS Daily - 21st January 2011


Crime in England and Wales: Quarterly Update to September 2010

This Quarterly Update presents the most recent crime statistics from two different sources: the British Crime Survey (BCS) and police recorded crime [Home Office, UK]

Another ACMD member threatens to quit

The "Just Say No" drugs lobby will be much cheered, I suspect, by the appointment Dr Hans-Christian Raabe to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs ... However, I understand that at least one member of the council is so incensed by the appointment that he is considering resigning. Mark Easton [BBC, UK]

One-off buprenorphine implants curb heroin use for six months

According to an editorial in the same journal, this study of implants providing six months of 24-hour a day maintenance to suppress heroin use represents a potentially important step forward in expanding treatment options [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

UK-Bolivia agreement on drugs

Drugs minister James Brokenshire has today made a formal agreement on behalf of the UK to work more closely with Bolivia on counter-narcotics work [Home Office, UK]

Work Programme Competition

We are please to announce that we are now able to publish the final documentation for the Work Programme competition, this has been issued directly to those organisations on the Framework for the Provision of Employment Related Services [Department for Work and Pensions, UK]

"Successfully leaving treatment?"

Sending patients to providers of full recovery is seen as a last resort by most commissioners. What does this mean in personal cost? [Addiction Today, UK]

Addiction Today & the NTA: sparring over payment by results

This spat is ostensibly over alleged lack of consultation and transparency aound payment by results pilots, but that’s just the surface issue [Binge Inking]

What if cannabis cured cancer?

If cannabis does contain a cancer killing chemical, why hasn’ t this been headline news?The answer to that of course rests with the “message” the government wants to send out about cannabis [UKCIA]

The influence of family and friends on young people's drinking

This Round-up examines family and friendship influences on young people's drinking habits, in order to shed light on how the negative aspects of young people's drinking culture in the UK might be changed. Summary PDF [Joseph Rowntree Foundation, UK]

Time to stub out smoking in cars

Children travelling in smoky cars are breathing in dangerous levels as high as those found in the smokiest pub before a ban began in Scotland, a study has found [Evening Times, Scotland, UK]

Let’s Talk About Drugs” Media Awards 2011

This is the fifth "Let's Talk About Drugs" Media Awards, which were created to encourage the journalists and reporters of tomorrow to start writing and talking about the drugs issue in Ireland today [City Wide, Ireland]

Real IRA targeting several Cork drug dealers

Gardaí are continuing their investigation into dissident republicans in Cork after the Real IRA upped its campaign of intimidation against drug dealers, including a threat earlier this week to kill a suspected drug dealer who survived a previous attack [Irish Times]

Alcohol and Other Drug Use in Toronto (Issue 1: Youth)

Toronto Public Health has produced a report about substance use in Toronto, focused on youth. This report, Alcohol and Other Drug Use in Toronto is the first in a series produced by Toronto Public Health summarizing evidence about substance use in Toronto. Toronto Drug Strategy website [Toronto Public Health, Canada]

Curriculum Resources Overview

Introducing the NIDA CoEs Medical School and Residency Program Curriculum Resources on Drug Abuse and Addiction [NIDA, USA]

Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions Receiving Public Assistance

In 2008, 7.5 percent of substance abuse treatment admissions aged 18 to 54 reported public assistance as their main source of income [SAMHSA, USA]

Children of Alcoholics: A Guide to Community Action

This guide provides materials to raise awareness of the effects that alcohol abuse and alcoholism can have on children and families [SAMHSA, USA]

Mexico's Ex-President Vicente Fox: Legalize Drugs

As Mexico drowns in drug related bloodshed - suffering almost 12,000 murders in 2010 - it is perhaps unsurprising that government critics turn up their screaming that the war on drugs isn't working. But it was a bit of a bombshell when former president Vicente Fox added his voice to the chorus [TIME, USA]

Lung group flunks most states on tobacco

Most states’ antismoking efforts are failing miserably because they were underfunded last year and because officials spent new cigarette-tax revenue on unrelated programs, the American Lung Association said yesterday [The Boston Globe, USA]

Clear advice on designer drugs

Social Tonics Association echoed police messages today that since the banning of BZP party pills the recreational drug market was more dangerous for consumers with the unregulated nature of the black market [Scoop, New Zealand]

UNODC warns that high opium prices may reverse the gains of recent years

Soaring opium prices may induce more farmers to grow opium [UNODC]