DS Daily - 21st March 2011


War on drugs has failed, say former heads of MI5, CPS and BBC

The "war on drugs" has failed and should be abandoned in favour of evidence-based policies that treat addiction as a health problem, according to prominent public figures including former heads of MI5 and the Crown Prosecution Service [Telegraph, UK]

Money, money, money

An edited version of an article published in Druglink [Sara McGrail, UK]

Social Work Services and Recovery from Substance Misuse

A review of the evidence [Scottish Government, UK]

Social Work Services and Recovery from Substance Misuse

Research Findings [Scottish Government, UK]

LDAN/DrugScope conference 2011

Conference write up [DrugScope, UK]

Diazepam websites fuel drug misuse, claim charities

Two drugs charities have warned that the internet is contributing to an increasing misuse of diazepam in Wales [BBC, UK]

What's getting in the way?

Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) is seeking your views on the national barriers to better coordinated services for individuals facing multiple needs and exclusions. Please complete the short survey [MEAM, UK]

Can the government's 'responsibility deal' work?

While companies such as the major supermarket chains, big drinks producers and high street food outlets have all signed up, many health groups have walked away from the scheme [BBC, UK]

The 'J' word and journalism

When the media stigmatises people who inject drugs it reduces the likelihood that they will disclose their drug use to another, whether it be a family member or a service that is trying to reduce drug related harm [Injecting Advice, UK]

Bristol Heroin Trafficker Jailed

A Bristol man who acted as the UK end of an international heroin smuggling gang has been sentenced to 18 years following an operation by SOCA and the Dutch police [SOCA, UK]

Crackdown on rough sleepers condemned

Doctors have warned that local authority plans to ban rough sleeping and soup runs could leave vulnerable people at even greater risk [BMA, UK]

Release Helpline saved – for the moment!

We are pleased to say that the funding crisis facing our national helpline has abated for the moment and we are able to continue to provide this service for the next few months, this is largely due to a grant from the Department of Health, Financial Assistance Fund [Release, UK]

Concern over plans to force drug addicts into rehabilitation

Community drug projects have expressed serious concern at controversial government plans to force drugs addicts to undergo rehabilitation [Irish Examiner]

Bid to sterilise drug addicts sparks fury

A US charity is targeting female Irish drug addicts with bribes to undergo sterilisation [Herald, Ireland]

Urine to be tested to estimate drug usage among population

Ireland is one of 16 European countries involved in a project to establish and compare drug consumption rates by tests at wastewater treatment plants [Irish Examiner]

Hidden epidemic in Irish society

Dr Colin O’Gara outlines the symptoms and most effective treatments for codeine addiction and examines how availability controls can affect the incidence of dependency problems in the patient population [Irish Medical Times]

Peer-to-peer Healthcare

Many Americans turn to friends and family for support and advice when they have a health problem. This report shows how people’s networks are expanding to include online peers [Pew Internet, USA]

Marijuana legalization advocates organize to put new measure on California ballot

The campaign behind a failed initiative to legalize marijuana in California announced Friday it had formed a new committee to put another measure on the ballot [LA Times, USA]

Mexico’s drug war takes increasing toll on children

1,000 reported killed since 2006 [Washington Times, USA]

Fear on methadone doctor shortage

The number of Victorians dying from drug overdoses or suicide will rise if more doctors are not recruited to treat heroin addicts and tackle a crisis in the state's methadone prescribing service, drug experts warn [The Age, Australia]