Daily news - 2nd June 2017

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UK news

Care Inspectorate says more work needed to help addicts

More must be done to support people living with alcohol and drug addictions across Scotland, an official watchdog has said | BBC, UK

Ketamine could help thousands with severe depression, doctors say

Psychiatrists hail benefits of ‘transformational’ drug, and call for more trials to explore its potential | Guardian, UK

Ilfracombe 'drug death': Tributes paid to Luke Campbell-Tapson

The family of a 16-year-old boy who died in a suspected drug-related incident have paid tribute to the "funny" teenager | BBC, UK

Some see 'physiological changes' after using internet

Some people using the internet a lot can show real physiological changes similar to drug withdrawal, researchers in Swansea and Milan found | BBC, UK

No Smoke Without Lots of Angry Prisoners

“The Government’s campaigns against new psychoactive substances (NPS) and mobile phones being smuggled into prisons have utterly failed. All prisons are completely awash with drugs and mobiles. If they can’t stop mobile phones, cannabis, heroin and NPS getting into prisons, what hope, really, do they have of stopping tobacco?” | Volte Face, UK

Hull hospital staff are banned from vaping - but patients and visitors aren't

Workers are agitated" by the ban, which came into force yesterday. If they break the ban, they have been told they will be disciplined | Hull Daily Mail, UK

Visiting the Town Hit Hardest By the UK's Drug Crisis

Middlesbrough has the most drug-related deaths in the country, and another Tory government will only make the problem worse | VICE, UK

Two Manchester Spice dealers jailed

Two men caught with "thousands of pounds" worth of the former legal high Spice have been jailed | BBC, UK

Hundreds of hypodermic needles found in streets in Dundee

Shocking new statistics reveal over 800 hypodermic needles were found in Dundee last year, with one picked up every day in the city centre | Courier, UK

'King Cornwall' drugs gang sentenced

A self-styled drug baron who gave himself the nickname King Cornwall has been jailed for shipping crack cocaine and heroin across England | BBC, UK


International news

British American Tobacco to expand 'glo' smokeless tobacco sales in Japan from July

British American Tobacco will expand sales of its "glo" tobacco-heating device to Tokyo and Osaka from July and roll it out nationwide by year-end, intensifying a battle with Philip Morris International for a share of Japan's vaping market | Reuters, UK

Vaping More Popular than Normal Smoking Among Workers and Laborers, CDC

After the studies confirmed benefits of vaping over traditional smoking, more people started switching to e-cigarettes. A recent report by Center for Disease Control reveals more than 5.5 million workers are using e-cigarettes and it’s getting very popular among the laborers as well | Building Design & Construction Magazine, UK

Legalise cannabis, and do it now, says Nick Clegg

Regulating the sale of the plant will improve public health, argues the former British Liberal Democrats leader | Irish Times, Ireland

European Drug Report 2017 - coming out 6th June

[Advance notice] What do the latest data tell us about the European drug market? What are the new trends in drug use among European adults and school students? What are the harms associated with drug use and what is being done to counter them? These and other questions will be explored on 6 June in our annual overview of the European drug situation. #EDR2017 | EMCDDA, Portugal

Where to look for new treatments for alcoholism? The matrix

A new study may pave the way for treating alcohol addiction by reducing motivation to drink, rather than by altering the effects of alcohol itself. The study reports a new mechanism behind alcohol seeking behavior | Science Daily, USA

New consensus document for appropriate use of drug testing in clinical addiction medicine

A new Consensus Document from the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) provides practical, evidence-based recommendations on the use of drug testing for identification, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients with or at risk for substance use disorders (SUDs). The document appears in the May/June issue of the Journal of Addiction Medicine, the official journal of ASAM | Medical Xpress, USA

Treating alcohol addiction by reducing motivation to drink

A new study in Biological Psychiatry may pave the way for treating alcohol addiction by reducing motivation to drink, rather than by altering the effects of alcohol itself. Led by Drs. Kasia Radwanska and Leszek Kaczmarek of the Nencki Institute, Warsaw, Poland, the study reports a new mechanism behind alcohol seeking behavior | Medical Xpress, USA

Why pot-smoking declines—but doesn't end—with parenthood

Adults who smoke marijuana often cut back after becoming parents—but they don't necessarily quit | Medical Xpress, USA

Experts question push for 'abuse-deterrent' Rx opioids

In response to the rise in opioid overdose deaths nationwide, pharmaceutical companies have developed formulations of prescription opioids designed to prevent tampering or abuse. These "abuse-deterrent" forms, however, are expensive and may not actually have the intended effect, say experts from Yale School of Medicine | Medical Xpress, USA

New combo pill offers hope to hepatitis C patients who fail other treatment

A pill that contains three powerful antiviral drugs might offer a cure for many hepatitis C patients who have failed other treatments, researchers report | Medical Xpress, USA

Tobacco the 'silent killer' of HIV patients, say researchers

Researchers at the University of York have shown that tobacco use is more common among HIV positive individuals than HIV negative individuals | Medical Xpress, USA

Drug and alcohol use becoming less common among young people, more common in middle age

Australian women have overtaken their daughters when it comes to risky drinking, with more women in their 50s exceeding the lifetime risk guidelines for alcohol consumption than those aged 18 to 24 for the first time | Age, Australia

Teen smoking and drinking rates fall, but older Australians drug use rises

Teen drinking, smoking, and drug use rates have fallen and young Australians are waiting even longer before first trying alcohol and cigarettes | Age, Australia

The future of ‘addiction’: Critique and composition

In March 2014 Nature published a letter signed by 94 researchers from around the world. The letter disputed the previous month’s editorial, in which the brain disease model of addiction was presented as the ‘uncontroversial’ truth of addiction | IJDP, Australia

Social Services Minister Christian Porter defends drug tests for dole recipients

In a speech to business groups at Parliament House today, the Minister rejected claims similar programs in the United States and New Zealand proved drug testing welfare recipients was costly and ultimately ineffective | News.com.au, Australia

Welfare drug tests: What we know so far

One of the most controversial measures in the 2017 budget was the federal government's plan to drug test welfare recipients | Age, Australia

Long-held alcohol study in NT finds social clubs can help reduce harm in Aboriginal communities

A landmark study on alcohol in Northern Territory Aboriginal communities, which was kept under wraps, found well-managed social clubs can reduce harm associated with drinking | abc.net.au, Australia

Restrictions on medicinal cannabis product to be removed, Government announces

Associate Health minister Peter Dunne has announced the medicinal cannabis product CBD will be have restriction on its use and prescriptions removed | Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

10 things I learnt from the 2017 Global Drug Survey

The Global Drug Survey becomes more valuable every year; this year almost 120,000 people completed the survey and the data from 115,523  was usable – including 5,900 from the UK | Russell Webster, UK

Agenda: Our drug and addiction services need to be focused on recovery

Drug and alcohol problems blight lives. It’s not unique to Scotland, but it has taken a generational change to face up to our relationship with the bottle and drugs – even when the consequences are felt far beyond those addicted | Herald opinion, UK

Women in prison have significantly more drug problems than men #WomenAndDrugs

One thing we can be pretty sure of is that there is a relationship between substance use and crime. The link is complicated, and certainly isn’t as simple as ‘drugs cause crime.’ However, people at every stage of the criminal justice system evidence higher levels of substance use than the general population, and imprisonment is the hard end of that system | Mental Elf, UK

The latest global prison trends (2017)

Last week Penal Reform International launched its annual flagship publication, Global Prison Trends 2017, at the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice | Russell Webster, UK

Charted: Australia's changing drug and alcohol habits

Drug and alcohol use in Australia is changing, with significant implications for policy-makers, writes Nicole Lee | In Daily opinion, Australia

Cheaper cigarettes, roll-your-own tobacco slows smoking’s downward spiral

Yesterday morning, Australia’s tobacco industry woke to the latest chapter in the book documenting its inexorable decline. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released data from its 2016 National Drug Strategy Household Survey, which it has conducted every three years since 1985 | Conversation, Australia