Daily news - 22nd June 2018

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UK news

Adult drug and alcohol misuse treatment business definitions

Update. Business definitions for adult drug and alcohol misuse treatment providers to input data items onto the national drug treatment monitoring system (NDTMS) | PHE, UK

Raising Scotland's Tobacco-free Generation: our tobacco control action plan 2018

This is a five-year action plan setting out interventions and policies to help reduce the use of and associated harms from using tobacco in Scotland. The actions we will be taking are set out by category into Raising awareness, Encouraging healthier behaviour, Improving services and Providing protection through regulation | Scottish Government, UK

An independent review of the provision of smoking cessation services in Wales

The review examined the range of smoking cessation services provided in Wales and approaches for future provision | Welsh Government, UK

The unique contribution of e-cigarettes for tobacco harm reduction in supporting smoking relapse prevention

[Open access] We have little understanding of how vapers use e-cigarettes beyond cessation. E-cigarettes may have a role to play in reducing the health-related harms of tobacco smoking, through not only assisting smoking cessation attempts but also supporting long-term abstinence from smoking | Harm Reduction Journal, UK

Sex, drugs and A&E: 10 charts on how the under-30s use the NHS

Most of us make greatest use of the NHS at the beginning and end of our lives | BBC, UK

Over 80% of pharmacists support reclassifying cannabis for medicinal use

More than 50% of respondents to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society survey strongly agreed that cannabis should be legalised for medicinal use, and a further 30% slightly agreed | Pharmaceutical Journal, UK

MESAS: weekly alcohol sales exceed guidelines

Monitoring report finds alcohol is ‘still a significant health concern’ | IAS, UK

UK alcohol consumption trend flat: MESAS 2018

The latest data on UK alcohol sales has been released by NHS Scotland, showing consumption appears to have stabilised since 2013 in England and Scotland | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

Trial of physical Activity and Reduction of Smoking (TARS)

Researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (PUPSMD) are leading a national study with £1.8 million of funding from the NIHR Health Technology Assessment programme (NIHR HTA: 15/111/01) to test the effectiveness of new support to help smokers who want to reduce but not quit | University of Plymouth, UK

Submission to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs' call for evidence on custody-community transitions

Release's submission to the ACMD's Custody-Community Transitions Working Group in response to their call for evidence on custody-community transitions | Release, UK

Funding opportunities

Health services funding opportunities | NIHR, UK

Are you a functioning alcoholic? Know the signs

The stereotypical image of an alcoholic isn't the case for many | Independent, UK

Student who supplied ecstasy to friend says he should not be blamed for death as taking drugs is university "culture"

Astudent who supplied MDMA to a friend claims he should not be blamed for his death due to ecstasy being part of university culture | Telegraph, UK

Cocaine in rivers harming endangered eels, study finds

Tests show drug causes eels to become hyperactive and damages their muscles, possibly hindering their ability to migrate | Guardian, UK


International news

Better to Ask Forgiveness Than Permission: Spain’s Sub-national Approach to Drug Policy (PDF)

In recent years, the international debate on drug policy reform has intensified, and with it has come a productive exchange of information between academics, activists and advocates on the diverse models and approaches in different countries | GDPO, UK

WHO gaming disorder listing a ‘moral panic’, say experts

The decision to class gaming addiction as a mental health disorder was "premature" and based on a "moral panic", experts have said | BBC, UK

Police seize 70 kilos of liquid cocaine 'impregnated' in Colombia football shirts seized at Bogota airport

The shirts, headed for Europe, were laced with the cocaine, which would have an estimated street value of £2.8million in the UK | Mirror, UK

World Cup: Binocular booze smuggling gets Colombian sacked

All it takes is a post on Facebook | BBC, UK

UNODC technical consultation on family therapy for adolescents with drug use disorders

Adolescence is a critical window of vulnerability for the onset of substance use disorders, and the family environment can be both a protective and a risk factor. Communities and families affected by drug use disorders all around the world are facing grave challenges as they often find themselves without appropriate support and without access to evidence-based drug use disorder treatment | UNODC, Austria

Statement attributable to the UNODC Spokesperson on Canada's Cannabis Act

United Nations Member States only recently unanimously adopted a guidance document on drug policy at the 2016 General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the world drug problem | UNODC, Austria

Portugal’s Parliament approves use of cannabis for medicinal purposes

Parliament has approved the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, in a final, overall vote on a diploma from the parliamentary committee for Health, which originated from draft bills submitted by the Left Bloc (BE) and PAN – Party for People, Animals and Nature | Portugal News, Portugal

Cocaine production in Colombia has increased five-fold since US helped broker peace deal: DHS official

Cocaine production in Colombia, the world's leading cocaine exporter, has increased "five-fold" following the 2016 peace agreement the State Department helped broker between President Juan Manuel Santos's government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, according to a senior Department of Homeland Security official | Washington Examiner, USA

The Link Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Family separation is traumatic, and traumatic experiences can launch a predisposition to addiction or mental illness into an actual disorder | Tonic, USA

Causes of Death After Nonfatal Opioid Overdose

What are the causes and risks of mortality in the 12 months after nonfatal opioid overdose? | JAMA, USA

Brain's response to opioids: New research provides expanded insights

Opioids are powerful painkillers that act on the brain, but they have a range of harmful side effects including addiction. Researchers have developed a tool that gives deeper insights into the brain's response to opioids | Science Daily, USA

Ketamine acts fast to treat depression and its effects last—but how?

In contrast to most antidepressant medications, which can take several weeks to reduce depressive symptoms, ketamine—a commonly used veterinary anesthetic—can lift a person out of a deep depression within minutes of its administration, and its effects can last several weeks | Medical Xpress, USA

Science Says: What makes something truly addictive

Now that the world's leading public health group says too much Minecraft can be an addiction, could overindulging in chocolate, exercise, even sex, be next? | Medical Xpress, USA

Cannabis in Canada: Get the facts

Everything you need to know about the new legislation | Government of Canada, Canada

Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services in Australia 2016–17

In 2016–17, 836 publicly-funded alcohol and other drug treatment services provided just over 200,000 treatment episodes to an estimated 127,000 clients. The top four drugs that led clients to seek treatment were alcohol (32% of all treatment episodes), amphetamines (26%), cannabis (22%) and heroin (5%) | AIHW, Australia

State of Origin provokes family violence in NSW, says report

There is a massive spike in the rate of family violence in NSW on rugby league State of Origin game days, according to a new report from the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research at La Trobe University in Melbourne | Age, Australia

Labor's controversial plan to reform ice addicts by forcing offenders into clinics draws mixed response

Drug rehabilitation advocates and workers speak out against a NSW Labor proposal forcing addicts into clinics, while others say it is in their best interests | abc.net.au, Australia

Patient flies to Canada over "serious failure" in medicinal cannabis approval - audio

A Queensland man has flown to Canada to get medicine he needs but he says can take months to get in Australia. Lindsay Carter was the first Queenslander to be prescribed medicinal cannabis, which he takes to prevent debilitating seizures caused by a brain tumour | abc.net.au, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

What drugs are students taking and why are they taking them?

For many students, the move away to university is the first time living away from home. And with all the freedoms independent living entails, it’s maybe not surprising then that drug use tends to be much higher among students than the general population | Conversation, UK

It’s pointless to legalise medicinal cannabis if we don’t opt for full decriminalisation

It takes a very human story to nudge politicians into rethinking drugs policy. Charlotte Caldwell has achieved such a move by highlighting the benefits of cannabis oil for her son Billy who has a severe form of epilepsy | i news comment, UK

Janie Hamilton says the dangers of cannabis are being forgotten after Lord Hague's call to legalise the drug's recreational use | Sky News opinion, UK

Guest blog: My mother said…

Martin Dockrell, Tobacco Control Lead at Public Health England takes a lesson from his mother on e-cigarettes and their effects on health inequalities | RSPH blog, UK

The Tobacco industry’s latest scam: How Big Tobacco is still facilitating tobacco smuggling, while also attempting to control a global system designed to prevent it

The major tobacco companies are acting as corporate chameleons, spending millions on make-overs, trying to convince the world they have changed | BMJ blog, UK

Opioids don’t have to be addictive – the new versions will treat pain without triggering pleasure

The problem with opioids is that they kill pain – and people. In the past three years, more than 125,000 persons died from an opioid overdose – an average of 115 people per day – exceeding the number killed in car accidents and from gunshots during the same period | Conversation, USA

Video: Matthew DeCloedt at Cannabis: Global Histories

Did you hear? Yesterday, Canada’s Senate passed legislation legalizing recreational marijuana use for adults. Legalization will officially take place in October 17, 2018, in an effort to “take market share away from organized crime and protect the country’s youth,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said | Points blog, USA